This article is about the removed spell. For special attack, see Guthix staff.
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The Claws of Guthix spell was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Claws of Guthix
Claws of Guthix icon.png
Release date 22 September 2003 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 60
Spellbook Normal
Type Unknown edit
Experience 35+
Runes 1 Fire
4 Air
2 Blood
Quest Mage Arena
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Claws of Guthix was a combat spell in the standard spellbook. Casting it required a Magic level of 60 in addition to having either a guthix staff or a void knight mace equipped. The spell was unlocked by completing the Mage Arena activity; it had to be cast 100 times within the arena itself in order to be used anywhere else. Upon a successful hit, Claws of Guthix had the chance of lowering the target's Defence by 5%.

By itself, Claws of Guthix had a maximum hit of 200 life points. Like the other God spells, Saradomin Strike and Flames of Zamorak, the spell Charge temporarily increased the maximum hit to 300.

However, neither Saradomin Strike nor Flames of Zamorak could be cast with a staff that boosts magic damage, while the Void Knight Mace increases magic damage by 10%, which could have increased Claws of Guthix's maximum hit to 330. With an arcane stream necklace as well, the total magic damage boost is 25%, which would have increased the max hit to 375.

Furthermore, if a player used a hexcrest or full slayer helmet while on a Slayer task with the aforementioned items, the total magic damage boost would have been 35%, increasing the max hit to 405. The highest hit known was 466, which was cast on another player in the Duel Arena using Charge, a guthix cape, the void knight mace, saradomin's hiss and boots, gloves, and ward of subjugation.

As of the implementation of Legacy mode, it is now possible to use the spell as a special attack wielding the guthix staff, however the requirement of casting divine storm 100 times in the mage arena still applies to its use outside the arena. To accomplish this it is advised to use Evolution of Combat mode, select Divine Storm, and switch off all abilities while in the mage arena so that all attacks use the Divine Storm spell. Once the spell has been unlocked, simply switch to Legacy mode or use the weapon threshold ability to use the spell as a special attack (guthix staff must be equipped).


4Air rune.png1Fire rune.png2Blood rune.png1,875
Combo runes
1Fire rune.png2Blood rune.png4Dust rune.png5,455
4Air rune.png2Blood rune.png1Lava rune.png2,682
2Blood rune.png4Smoke rune.png5,400
4Air rune.png2Blood rune.png1Steam rune.png2,715
1Fire rune.png2Blood rune.png4Mist rune.png6,167


  • Previously, if the target's Defence level were reduced or boosted from the normal level, as would be the case after using a defence potion or something similar, the Defence level would remain unaffected by the spell. This was corrected on 10 January 2007.
  • Before the update that allowed autocasting without a staff, Claws of Guthix was the only god spell that could be autocast, through the use of the void knight mace.
  • Claws of Guthix was removed from RuneScape by the Evolution of Combat update on 20 November, 2012.
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