Cleansing crystal detail

A Cleansing crystal is an item used to cleanse the Corrupted Seren Stone in the Hefin cathedral in Prifddinas. It can be purchased from Hefin monks for 110,000 coins each or obtained via pickpocketing the Hefin workers. The store refill rate for cleansing crystals is approximately 1 every 10 seconds with a max store quantity of 5 cleansing stones.

If a cleansing crystal is used completely, without interruption, it will provide 9,800 Prayer experience. This is a cost of 11.22 coins per experience. It takes two minutes for a crystal to be fully drained. Up to 29 stones can be used in an hour, providing approximately 284,200 experience an hour, at a cost of -3,190,000 coins.

Alternatively, when the Voice of Seren is illuminating the Hefin Clan district, a cleansing crystal will give 20% more experience, for a total of 11,760 experience. This is a cost of 9.35 coins per experience, providing 352,800 experience per hour at the same total cost.

Cleaning crystals will provide double experience during Double XP Weekends.

10 Cleansing crystals are granted upon completion of the Tirannwn Elite Tasks.

Prayer XP

Experience is gained during three phases in the following amounts (Voice of Seren in parentheses):

  • 2,100 (2,520) immediately when starting to cleanse a crystal
  • 19 chunks of 275 (330) every 6 seconds while cleansing, starting 3 seconds after the initial experience
  • 2,475 (2,970) when finishing a crystal, 3 seconds after the final small chunk of experience

An additional 5% experience can be gained if under the effects of a perfect juju prayer potion or perfect plus potion. The experience received can also be increased by wearing the first age outfit and activating the salvation, corruption, or harmony aura. Generic experience boosts--including bonus experience; clan avatars; and the wisdom, enlightenment/illumination, and festive auras--also boost experience as expected. Unlike other special prayer training methods, such as offering bones or ashes on player-owned house altars, the experience gained from cleansing crystals can be doubled during Double XP Weekend.

If a crystal is fully cleansed while wearing the Tirannwn quiver 3 or 4 and there are more crystals carried in the inventory, the next crystal will automatically be used to continue cleansing. This can lead to training with minimal interaction, if large numbers of crystals are bought in advance.

The player should be careful when clicking while a cleansing crystal is being used. If a misclick or other action occurs that may interrupt the process, the crystal will vanish and the player will not gain the remaining experience. One can chat, rotate the camera, and use most interfaces without interrupting the process.

An alternative method of using crystals is to repeatedly restart the cleansing process for the initial experience only. With this method, there are 5 ticks (3 seconds) between each crystal being consumed, giving 2100 experience each. At maximum speeds, this results in a maximum of 1200 crystals per hour consumed, giving 2,520,000 experience per hour (excluding experience boosts) at a cost of 132,000,000 coins per hour (52.38 coins per experience). During Hefin Voice of Seren, this increases to 3,024,000 experience per hour (excluding other experience boosts) (reduced to 43.65 coins per experience).

Cost and XP analysis

Coins per XP No bonuses With 1 First Age item With 2 First Age items With 3 First Age items With 4 First Age items With 5 First Age items
-11.22 -11.11 -11 -10.9 -10.79 -10.59
With Voice of Seren With Voice of Seren + 1 First Age item With Voice of Seren + 2 First Age items With Voice of Seren + 3 First Age items With Voice of Seren + 4 First Age items With Voice of Seren + 5 First Age items
-9.35 -9.26 -9.17 -9.08 -8.99 -8.82

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Hefin workerN/A1Rare

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?


  • Before a Ninja update on 5 January 2015, the cleansing crystal cost 130,000 coins and provided 9,300 experience.
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