This article is about the NPC from the Plague City quest. For the Grand Exchange NPC, see Grand Exchange clerk.
For the courthouse clerk, see Clerk (Court Cases).
Clerk chathead

The Clerk is Bravek's secretary and he can be found in the Civic Office of West Ardougne. He plays a minor role in the day-to-day running of West Ardougne, mostly administering paperwork. In the Plague City quest, the player has to convince him to let the player see Bravek.


  • Before West Ardougne was updated, the player may ask "What is through that door?", in which he will reply that Bravek is in that room. After the update, however, he still retains the same dialogue, even though Bravek is in the bedroom upstairs. This glitch is not fixed yet.
  • He used to wear glasses, but this was removed.
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