Clock (interface)

The clock is a heads up display that shows the current game time (UTC). This heads up display is important in cases of some Distractions and Diversions that reset at 00:00 UTC or special events that have require players to participate at a specific time and/or place.


Calendar interface

The in-game event calendar

Day planner interface

The day planner

Clicking on the clock opens the in-game event calendar, which displays upcoming events in RuneScape. The calendar has a month view which allows players to click on a specific day to show the day's events on a day planner interface.

The different types of events shown on the calendar are:


There is the option to turn off the clock under interface settings (displayed on the right side of Warnings Settings and below "Skill targets based XP popups". There are also 2 other options in that interface settings for the display of the clock

  • UTC Clock - On (Full Background): Displays the clock with a background
  • UTC Clock - On (Border Only): Makes the background of the clock transparent but leaves the border around the clock

The position of the clock can also be edited on the full HUD edit mode.

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