Co-op Slayer points are points obtained when completing a Slayer assignment via Social Slayer. These points unlock exclusive rewards bought from Slayer Masters; such as pets and abilities like healing your partner with food and share potion effects. A maximum of 1,000 co-op points can be held at one time.

To receive co-op points, players can invite each other by using the ring of slaying, a full slayer helmet with rings of slaying fused to it, or an enchanted gem targeting on the partner. Note that both players MUST be on the same assignment or both must have no assignment at all. Both players must have Accept Aid turned ON.

The points are obtained when the slayer assignment is completed by both players. The amount received depends on the Slayer Master used:

Slayer master Co-op points received
Turael chathead Turael/Spria chathead Spria 1
Mazchna chathead Mazchna 2
Vannaka chathead Vannaka 3
Chaeldar chathead Chaeldar 4
Sumona chathead Sumona 5
Duradel chathead Duradel/Lapalok chathead Lapalok 6
Kuradal chathead Kuradal 7
Morvran chathead Morvran 8


Co-op Slayer points interface

The Co-op reward shop interface.

Icon Reward Points cost Notes
Co-op Slayer recharge slayer helm icon Recharge a fused Full Slayer Helmet 5 Recharges up to 5 ferocious ring teleports and up to 8 ring of slaying teleports on a Full slayer helm that has been fused with a Ring of slaying and/or a Ferocious ring previously.
Co-op Slayer recharge rings icon Recharge Rings of Slaying and Ferocious Rings 10 Recharges all Rings of Slaying and Ferocious rings you are currently carrying
Co-op Slayer food on partner icon Ability to use food on your partner 25 Learn how to use food to heal your co-op Slayer partner in designated Slayer areas
Co-op Slayer shared protective equipment icon You share your partner's protective equipment 30 Learn how to share your co-op partner's protective slayer equipment. (This includes: Facemask, Earmuffs, Insulated boots, Mirror shield, Spiny helmet, Witchwood icon, Slayer gloves, and Nose peg.)
Divination Your partner gains half your portent of restoration effects 35 Learn how to share your portent healing effects with your co-op partner, within designated Slayer areas.
Co-op Slayer Squidge icon Squidge 50 Buy Squidge, the baby Aquanite
Co-op Slayer shared teleport icon Share your Slayer teleports with your partner 60 Learn how to share your Slayer teleports (Ring of Slaying, Ferocious Ring, or Fused Slayer Helmets) with your co-op partner, while they are in designated areas.
Co-op Slayer shared potions icon Your partner gains half your potion effects 75 Learn how to share half the effect of potions you drink with your nearby co-op Slayer partner, within designated Slayer areas. For potions, this includes all common types, including flasks, extremes and overloads. For overload potions however, the partner receives the full boost rather than half, but it only lasts half the time.
Co-op Slayer Freezy icon Freezy 100 Buy Freezy, the baby Ice Strykewyrm
Co-op Slayer Freezy (jungle) icon Freezy's jungle skin 125 Unlocks the jungle skin for your Freezy pet.
Co-op Slayer Freezy (wildy) icon Freezy's wilderness skin 125 Unlocks the wilderness skin for your Freezy pet.
Co-op Slayer Freezy (desert) icon Freezy's desert skin 125 Unlocks the desert skin for your Freezy pet.
Co-op Slayer Runtstable icon Runtstable 200 Buy Runtstable, the baby ganodermic runt.


  • Before 23 June 2014 only 1 co-op point was received upon completion of a Slayer assignment done via Social Slayer but has since been increased to varying amounts for different slayer masters.
  • 225 co-op points are required to learn all of the permanent effects.
  • 725 co-op points are required to purchase all of the pets and skins.
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