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A cocktail shaker is an item that could be won from Treasure Hunter between 11 August and 15 August 2016. When using the option to Shake and Stir the player is awarded Cooking and Herblore experience.

The experience gained scales with the player's level in the respective skill, with Herblore experience being equivalent to that rewarded by a Small XP lamp and Cooking half of that. This means that up to 4,301.3 Cooking and 8,602.7 Herblore experience can be gained at level 99 in the skills for shaking and stirring one shaker.

When using the cocktail shaker a message will be displayed in the player's chat box telling them that they are making one of the following cocktails (even though no item is actually created):

  • 7 and 20
  • Exp on the Beach
  • Karumja
  • Lemon Cello
  • Man Hat Tan
  • Moo Moo
  • My Tie
  • Pack Yak-quiri
  • Pineapple Collider
  • Red Rancour
  • To Kill A Sunrise

A player shaking a cocktail shaker.


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