Coconut milk detail

Coconut milk is an ingredient for several high-level Herblore potions.

It is needed to make Antipoison+, Weapon poison+, Antipoison++, and Weapon poison++.

It is not a secondary ingredient to potions, as limpwurt root and red spider's eggs are. Rather, it replaces the water in the water-filled vial with coconut milk. Players must add a herb and a secondary ingredient to this, as with other potions.

To obtain coconuts, players can grow them on palm trees using the Farming skill, buy them from other players or receive them from nature implings.

How to make coconut milk

Players must crack coconuts by right clicking on it and selecting "Break open", and then use the open coconut on a vial, to obtain a vial full of coconut milk and a coconut shell.

With a recent update, the Make-X system process has been added to this, and now one use can open all coconuts in a players inventory as well as pour all the coconut milk into vials at once.


Coconut milk Coconut milk
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
0 XP-7,080
Herblore Herblore level1
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Coconut (open)Coconut17,5577,557
Total price7,559


Potion/Item Level Other


XP Effect/usage
Antipoison+ 68 Clean toadflax and Yew root 155 100% Poison damage reduction for 518 seconds (8.63 minutes)
Weapon poison+ 73 Cactus Spine and Red spiders' egg 165 5 minute chance to poison opponent, deals 16% to 32% of your ability damage per hit
Antipoison++ 79 Clean irit and Magic roots 177.5 100% Poison damage reduction for 12 minutes
Weapon poison++ 82 Cave nightshade and Poison ivy berries 190 10 minute chance to poison opponent, deals 20% to 38% of your ability damage per hit


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  • Before an update, if presented to a Tooth Creature, it would refuse to drink coconut milk, despite claiming that "all milk is good". The creature would say it wouldn't drink it because it's "not real milk".
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