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Buying from the Culinaromancer's Chest
Profit per instance
Buying from the Culinaromancer's Chest.png
178,600 per instance
Activity time
3 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
3,571,000 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
None Partial or full completion of Recipe for Disaster
Item requirements Other requirements
None None
Experience gained Inputs
None 4,575 Coins 10000.png Coins
Location Outputs
Lumbridge basement 300 x Chocolate bar.png Chocolate bar (105,000)
50 x Cooking apple.png Cooking apple (24,950)
100 x Pot of flour.png Pot of flour (24,900)
10 x Pie dish.png Pie dish (820)
10 x Spice.png Spice (3,530)
5 x Grapes.png Grapes (47,850)
The Culinaromancer's Chest sells various food-related items. The exact stock depends on how many of the Recipe for Disaster subquests have been completed, but when the entire quest has been completed, the listed stock will be available. The chest also acts as a bank, so buying and banking the items is relatively quick. Go to Lumbridge using the lodestone or the Lumbridge Teleport, head to the basement and start buying the listed items, closing the shop and banking each time. There are other profitable items, but the ones listed are the most efficient. (Note: buying a few of each item for the first inventory full will allow more respawns to be bought, increasing the profit slightly.) After stocking up on the food items, selling them on the Grand Exchange should be easy.

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