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Buying yak-hide
Profit per instance
Buying yak hide.png
462,000 per instance
Activity time
10 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
2,772,000 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
25 Fletching
20 Construction
54 Woodcutting
46 Crafting
40 Agility
The Fremennik Isles, The Fremennik Trials
Item requirements Other requirements
None None
Experience gained Inputs
None 50,000 Coins 10000.png Coins
Location Outputs
Jatizso 1,000 x Yak-hide.png Yak-hide (512,000)
After completing The Fremennik Isles, Vanligga Gastfrihet will sell you 1000 yak-hide per day.

There are multiple ways to get to Jatizso, but the easiest are using a Rellekka tablet and running north to the Rellekka dock, using the Fremennik Lodestone, using the Lunar Isle lodestone and using the Lady Zay and Lokar Searunner to get to Rellekka, or by simply toggling the Enchanted lyre teleport to Jatizso, after completion of the elite Fremennik Tasks.

Once on the island, head to the store and purchase 28 yak-hide and run to the bank, banking and repeating 36 times until all of the hides are bought. A Beast of Burden (including ironically a pack yak) could be used to slightly speed up the trips. Additionally, one can use Surge to travel nearly instantly to Vanligga by moving one square northwest from the square immediately north of the banker Magnus Gram and using Surge. In other words, click on Magnus Gram, move northwest one square, and use Surge. After you have bought all of them, you can sell them on the Grand Exchange, where they should sell quickly as they are popular Summoning tertiaries.

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