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Casting ophidian incubation
Requirements Casting ophidian incubation.png

63 Summoning







Profit Experience gained
8,104,700 per hour

6700 Summoning

Inputs Outputs

2,100 x Egg.png Egg (2,184,000)
2,100 x Ophidian incubation scroll.png Ophidian incubation scroll (2,379,300)
68 x Summoning potion (4).png Summoning potion (4) (2,123,164)
2 x Spirit cobra pouch.png Spirit cobra pouch(20,098)

2,100 x Cockatrice egg.png Cockatrice egg (14,811,300)

The spirit cobra's special move ophidian incubation will transform a single egg into a cockatrice egg, at the cost of 3 special move points.

Ophidian incubation scrolls and spirit cobra pouches can be difficult to buy on the Grand Exchange, so you may have to make your own using crimson charms and snake hide. If you are around 63 Summoning this may be a good use of your charms anyway. Eggs are generally easy to buy, but they have a buying limit of 1,000 every four hours.

First obtain the necessary items above, then summon the spirit cobra. Change your currently selected action bar to a skilling action bar, or a new one. Right click the Summoning icon and select “Select Left-Click Option.” Select Special Move. Now drag the Summoning icon to the number one slot on your action bar. Put a summoning potion on the number two slot of your action bar. Withdraw all your ophidian incubation scrolls, withdraw two summoning potions, and then fill your bag up with eggs. Push button one, click an egg, and then wait one second for the animation process.

Repeat until your familiar runs out of special move. Then drink two doses of your summoning potion using the number two button (The reason behind drinking twice, and not the entire potion, is the fact that your pet is regenerating special move. If you drink an entire potion and your pet regenerates 15 special move, then you just have lost a dose of summoning potion).

Deposit and fill your bag up again (the reason for withdrawing two summoning potions is because by the second or third bag you will use more than one potion per bag for the incubation process).

With the incubation time and the banking time added in, you will see an estimate time of around 45 seconds to incubate and bank one inventory full. This will achieve 2,100 incubated eggs per hour.

Sell your cockatrice eggs on the Grand Exchange, which should not be difficult as they are in high demand for use in summoning potions.

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