For alternative methods, see Casting string jewellery on ruby amulets and Casting string jewellery on emerald amulets .

Casting string jewellery on diamond amulets
Requirements String Jewellery.gif

80 Magic required


Lunar Diplomacy required



Profit Experience gained
4,988,100 per hour

170,000 Magic

Inputs Outputs

3,900 x Astral rune.png Astral runes (1,618,500)
1,950 x Diamond amulet (unstrung).png Diamond amulet (unstrung) (4,332,900)

1,950 x Diamond amulet.png Diamond amulet (10,939,500)

Ensure that lunar spells are active and equip the mud battlestaff. If owned, the player can use a small or large rune pouch to store astral runes, to free up space in their inventory. Fill the inventory with 28 (27 if not using a rune pouch to store astral runes) unstrung diamond amulets and use the String Jewellery spell to string them. Making a bank preset to withdraw unstrung amulets, will increase the amounts of diamond amulets you can string per hour and also makes the method less click-intensive.

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