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Collecting honeycomb
Requirements Collecting honeycomb.png

High Summoning for Beast of Burden





Profit Experience gained
1,146,300 per hour


Inputs Outputs

1,250 x Honeycomb.png Honeycomb (1,146,250)

Honeycomb are used to make honey badger pouches, and they can be extracted from the beehives west of Catherby. This requires insect repellent, which can be picked up in a house in the northern part of Catherby. Without the use of a Beast of Burden you can collect 27 honeycomb per load, run to the Catherby bank and back, and repeat. Collecting honeycomb is a click-intensive process as you have to right-click and select "Honey" for each one you want. At a minimum this will take 1.2 seconds each, but on average it will be closer to 1.5 seconds each. Banking will take about 40 seconds, so a full load of 27 honeycomb will take about 75 to 80 seconds.

When finished, sell your honeycomb on the Grand Exchange. This can at times be difficult as the trade volume is not very high, but at times you can sell them for much more than the guide price.

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