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Collecting Mort Myre fungi
Requirements Collecting mort myre fungi.png

40 Thieving


Silver sickle (b) or equivalent
Morytania legs 1 or higher (highly recommended)
TokKul-Zo recommended for banking (requires completion of The Elder Kiln) in combination with a dramen or lunar staff (unless A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift has been completed)
The most optimal option though is completion of Deadliest Catch, which provides a deposit chest only a few steps away from a cluster of three logs, making it possible to only bank once an hour to restock on prayer renewals
Armour if player has low defence.


Priest in Peril
A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (partially)
Deadliest Catch to unlock a deposit chest to speed up banking (optional).


Completing enough Temple Trekking to have access to the Ouroboros pouch eliminate the damage from ghasts

Profit Experience gained
6,806,300 per hour


Inputs Outputs

2.5 x Prayer renewal (4).png Prayer renewal (4) (30,370)

2,000 x Mort myre fungus.png Mort myre fungi (6,866,000)

Warning! There is a small risk of dying for lower level players. Ghasts do not hit very hard, but the damage does add up over time.

Collecting mort myre fungi is very profitable as it is the secondary ingredient for making super energy potions. While wearing Morytania legs, players will receive double the amount of fungi when collecting. However, make sure there are at least two inventory spaces when collecting, otherwise players will only receive one fungus. Casting bloom affects rotting objects in the 8 squares around the player and consumes between 10 and 60 prayer points (though if the player only has 1 prayer point left, bloom can still be cast). Players should use a location surrounded by 3 rotting logs to increase the chances of obtaining mort myre fungus. An Ivlandis flail or blessed sickle (b) can be placed on the action bar to cast bloom with hotkeys.

Inventory setup should include 3 Prayer renewal 4-dose vials or 2 6-dose flasks, as 10 doses will be consumed in 1 hour. Each renewal dose will recover prayer points over 6 minutes, though as long as the potion effect is active bloom can be cast indefinitely. Super prayer renewal potion is better and is sometimes cheaper per dose.

Recommend location for players using the bank deposit chest

If you have completed Deadliest Catch, you will have unlocked a deposit chest along the eastern banks of the River Salve. A short distance south of this, shown in the picture on the right, are 3 rotting logs within a 3x3 area. Simply cast bloom, collect, and deposit until you run out of prayer renewal doses. Using the bank deposit chest, this method can collect up to 2500 mort myre fungi per hour, which is a profit of 8,522,776.

For people that haven't completed Deadliest Catch: first, use the fairy ring network to teleport to bkr. Run west until you see three rotting logs, as shown in the image above. Drink a dose of prayer renewal, stand in the middle of the 3 rotting logs and cast bloom. Mort myre fungi will not spawn every time. Always pick the northern log last because when picked, you will return to the middle, removing the need to click back. After a full inventory, teleport to the TzHaar Fight Cave with the TokKul-Zo to bank and repeat using the fairy ring just north. Alternatively, if you haven't got a TokKul-Zo, use the fairy ring to bank in Zanaris, although this is slightly slower.

Alternatively, players with 68 divination or greater can use sign of the porter IV to bank the fungus. This method will reduce the need for bank trips and increase the yield. Each sign of the porter will transport 20 fungi at a cost of 1,083.15 per charge. Profit per hour will be greater than that of banking at the TzHaar Fight Cave but be less than that of using the deposit chest due to the cost of porters.

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