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For an alternative method, see Crafting cosmic runes through the Abyss.

Crafting cosmic runes
Requirements Crafting cosmic runes.png

59 or 75 Runecrafting recommended
66 Agility strongly recommended



Profit Experience gained
2,143,800 per hour

21,600 Runecrafting
1000 Agility

Inputs Outputs

2,700 Pure essence.png Pure essence (81,000)

5,400 Cosmic rune.png Cosmic runes (2,224,800)

Using the TokKul-Zo and fairy rings, you can make about 50 trips to the cosmic altar per hour. With 59 Runecrafting (giving double cosmic runes) and especially 75 Runecrafting (giving access to the giant pouch), this can be highly profitable.

Start out at the TzHaar Fight Cave bank in TzHaar City. Unload pure essence and store it in your pouches, then take out essence for your inventory. Run north and use the fairy ring to teleport to Zanaris. From there, run south to the agility shortcut -- if you have 66 Agility, go through both of them, although you may get stuck and take a small amount of damage before passing through. Run further south and enter the mysterious ruins, and then go directly to the altar. Craft your essence in your inventory and pouches, and then teleport back to the Fight Cave with your TokKul-Zo. With this method you can craft about 2700 essence per hour, but without the giant pouch that will drop to about 2150. A massive pouch allows even more runes, although it requires 1,000 Runespan points and degrades into dust. In addition, the Infinity ethereal outfit can store 12 essence.

Completing Hero's Welcome will allow the player to make 5% more runes.

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