Postbag from the Hedge
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Collected Appreciators of RuneScape's Environment, or CARE, is an environmental group dedicated to preventing damage to Gielinor's environment. They do not appear in-game, but are mentioned in issue 24 of the Postbag from the Hedge.[1] Their leader is the druid Kaqemeex.

CARE has recently been studying and working to prevent further damage to Gielinor's environment, which has begun to suffer due to global warming.

They have noted that icesheets in northern areas such as Acheron have begun to melt, which could lead to flooding in areas such as Tutorial Island, Mos Le'Harmless, Catherby, and the Lumbridge Swamp. They have also discovered that the Kharidian Desert is expanding northward into Misthalin at a rate of one metre per year. They blame dwarves for most of Gielior's carbon emission, stating their machines are responsible for up to 65% of it, though some dwarven scholars like Drorkar vehemently disagree.

The postbag in which CARE was first mentioned was released shortly before the release of Perils of Ice Mountain, a quest that also deals with environmental issues, as well as dwarven machinery emission and the character of Drorkar.


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