Medium XP lamp detail

The combat XP lamp is a reward received from Court Cases. The amount of experience it gives varies, depending on the case, with some giving more experience than others.

Experience can be chosen from either Attack, Defence, Strength, Magic, Ranged, Constitution, Slayer, Prayer, Summoning, or Herblore.

Experience awarded

Case Experience
Mugger v. Roger Murray 2,000
River troll v. The People 3,500
Drunken Dwarf v. The People 5,000
Evil Twin v. Good Twin 6,500
Rick Turpentine v. The (Rich) People 8,000
The Frog Prince v. The People 9,000
Sawmill Man v. The People 9,000
Party Pete v. His Neighbours 9,000
Ernest v. Professor Oddenstein 10,000
Miss Schism v. Draynor Village 9,000
EVIL DAVE v. The People 9,000
H.A.M. v. Dorgeshuun 15,000
The Sandwich Lady v. The People 9,000
The Mime v. The People 9,000
Barbarians v. Wizards 20,000
The Gravedigger v. The People 9,000
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