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A combat pure is an account which is created primarily for the purpose of efficient (usually PvP) combat. Combat pures train specific combat skills, while deliberately keeping other combat skills at a minimum in order to excel in certain aspects of combat at a comparatively low combat level. The term "pure" standing alone most commonly refers to this kind of combat pure. These accounts fall into four main categories, depending on the variation of skill levels: Pures, PKers, Tanks, and Products.


Combat pures focus on training certain skills that they hold most relevant for successful combat and are usually made for player killing. The purpose of keeping an account "pure", i.e. refraining from training combat skills which are considered less effective or irrelevant for the concept of the account, is to keep the combat level as low as possible in order to excel against players of a similar combat level in PvP. Some combat pures tend to generally neglect non-combat skills, although many will train a money making skill such as Woodcutting or Hunter to be able to buy equipment or to meet quest requirements for a combat-related reward such as Ancient Magicks, or the bonuses offered by certain skill capes (defence and prayer bonus). Agility can also be a very vital skill while fighting in the Wilderness (however, the equipment of pures is often very light). Pures who decide not to train noncombat skills are often at a huge disadvantage against other pures.

Combat pures are most commonly offence-oriented with high values in one or two offensive skills (Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic), while having only minimal values in defensive skills, such as Defence, Prayer and/or Constitution. Such pures rely on a fast damage rate and/or a high max hit for quick kills, often catching their opponents off guard. However, there are also defence-orientated pures and pures that combine certain offensive and defensive aspects while neglecting others. There are a variety of combat skill combinations which may be considered favourable for different tasks and different types of opponents.

Due to a certain renown associated with combat pures within the RuneScape community, another motive to create a combat pure may be the prestige and/or the self-imposed challenge. Pures with unusual combat skill combinations may also be players experimenting with new combat concepts.

Types of pures

Strength Pure: Getting Attack to the minimum requirements to wield a certain weapon (such as dragon weapons) and Strength as high as possible, all while staying at 1 Defence.

Hybrid Pures (Range/Melee/Mage): Usually equal Magic and Ranged stats to compliment each other, melee is often used additionally. A tribrid uses all three sections of the combat triangle.

Free-to-play pures (F2P)

Strength Pure:

  • 1 Defence.
  • 50-60 Attack. 50 Attack allows for the always popular Rune scimitar and Rune 2h sword. 55 Attack allows for the Gravite rapier, Gravite longsword, and the Gravite 2h sword. Although rare, but not unseen, 60 Attack for F2P pures allows for Corrupt Dragon weapons, namely the Corrupt dragon battleaxe.
  • 60+ Strength is a good level to start off with some nice hits, while you train for higher levels.
  • 1-50 Ranged, some pures prefer not to train Range on their pure, but it can be a deadly force at all levels.
  • 1-45 Prayer; Some players also do not train Prayer because it raises your combat, but raising Prayer can greatly increase your potential in the Wilderness.

Useful Prayers:

  • Level 13: Superhuman Strength: Raises your Strength by 10%. While not the full 15%, it's still useful as 13 Prayer compared to 31 Prayer will not raise your combat as much.
  • Level 25: Protect Item: Allows you to keep one extra item. Very useful in all PKing, except in a High Risk Wilderness World.
  • Level 31: Ultimate Strength: The best Strength boosting Prayer available to free players. A 15% boost to your hits will help you a lot.
  • Level 44 (optional): Eagle Eye: While mainly based on Strength, the Ranged prayer is good to have if you are ranging. Level 44 in Prayer also allows access to the Protection prayers and Incredible Reflexes which increases your attack by 15%.
  • Level 45: Mystic Might - Magic in F2P PKing isn't too useful at higher levels, but if you are group PKing and using Bind and Teleport Block, the prayer may prove to be slightly useful.

Recognise that at 40 Attack, 60 Strength, 1 Defence and 1 Prayer (assuming 50 Constitution), the player's magic AND ranged levels do not affect the player's combat level until level 67. The formula of training an F2P pure is shown below. The formula below is for F2P Strength pures and may not appeal to other F2P pures who may want to be magic F2P pures.

Attack Strength Defence Ranged
1 99 1 1
10 20 1 20
15 30 1 25
20 35 1 30
30 50 1 40
40/45/60 60 1 50
40/45/60 99 1 70/99

1 Defence Hybrid: 40-60 attack, 60+ strength, 70+ ranged, 60+ magic, 1-45 prayer.

Rune Pures: 50-60 attack, 90+ strength, 90+ range, 50-55 defence.

Starting to train your pure is simple. Train on all the basics such as Chickens, Cows, Men, Scorpions, Barbarians, etc.

Good training spots for higher levels include Minotaurs, Flesh Crawlers, and also Giant spiders, although Giant Spiders will not be a good training place unless you are 40+ Defence. These are all in the Stronghold of Security.

Member pures (P2P)

Basic Member's Pure: 60 Attack, 80+ Strength, 82+ Magic, 80+ Range, 1 Defence

Obby Mauler Pure [EOC]: 1 attack, 60+ Strength, 1 Defence. These accounts get 60 strength for the Tzhaar-ket-om (commonly referred to as the "obby maul") that has excellent offensive stats with no attack requirement. Due to changes introduced in EOC, attack has much less of an impact on hit chance, and the obby maul has a fairly high amount of base weapon accuracy. This allows an obby mauler pure to hit very often even against defence pures!

Attack Pure [EOC]: 60+ Attack, 1 Strength, 1 Defence. Due to weapons having a built-in damage bonus, it is possible to focus entirely on attack in EOC since weapon tier matters more in EOC. Furthermore, formerly expensive high-tier weapons like the Saradomin sword are much cheaper than they were years ago.

Granite Maul/Hybrid: 55 Attack, 80+ Strength, 80+ Range, 1 Defence. These accounts get 50 attack in order to use the granite maul to effectively KO their opponent. Due to the poor quality of using solely the maul they will become hybrids to better their chance of killing their opponent.

Godsword Pure: 75 attack, 99 Strength, 94 Magic, 80+ Range, 1 Defence. These accounts get 75 Attack in order to use Godswords to KO their opponent. Many of them use the Armadyl godsword for its extremely powerful special attack.

Initiate Anchor Pure: 60 Attack, 80+ Strength, 40 Ranged, 52+ Prayer, 20 Defence. These accounts achieve Ranged level of 40 in order to get the Barrelchest anchor, a strong melee weapon, along with Initiate armour. These accounts are good because by using the Granite Maul special and the Barrelchest Anchor special you can achieve a quick high hitting combo with low Attack. Also, if using the protect item prayer, these pures can successfully get kills risking a mere 100,000.

Chaotic Pure: 80 Attack, 99 Strength, 94 Magic, 80+ Range, 1 Defence. These accounts get 80 Attack in order to use the all so powerful Chaotics to devastate their opponents. The most commonly used Chaotic, being the Rapier for its high accuracy bonus with very high hits, the Second most common being the Chaotic Maul for sacrificing accuracy it makes up for in its very high hits hitting in excesses of 500+.

Black Pure: 25 Defence, 60+ Attack, 80+ Strength, 75+ Constitution, 80+ Range, 82+ Mage. These accounts have many advantages. These accounts are very good as they allow for Slayer helmet, Korasi's sword, and Black defenders. These can be very dangerous to other players in the wild because of their abilities at such low combat.

Initiate Pure: 60+ attack, 99 Strength, 94 Magic, 80+ range, 20 Defence. These accounts get 20 defence in order to access initiate armour as well as Corrupt PVP equipment and mystic armour for hybriding.

Turmoil/Proselyte Pure: 60+ Attack, 99 Strength, 94 Magic, 80+ Range, 28-35 Defence, 95 Prayer. These accounts will get 28 defence in order to access Turmoil, a powerful prayer. Often doing the quest for a hand cannon in the process getting 35 defence or training to 30 defence to wear solely Proselyte armour.

Rune/Berserker Pures: 60+ Attack, 99 Strength, 94 Magic, 50-55 Defence. These accounts get defence for the use of rune armour as well as the spell Vengeance and Barrow's Gloves.

Barrows Pure: 70+ attack, 70+ strength, 70 defence, 94 magic, 70+ Prayer. These pures will get 70 defence in order to get access to the prayer Piety as well as Barrows equipment that allows for a variety of combat styles from hybriding to fighting in Edgeville.

Korasi Pure: A pure that goes to bare minimum requirements to get the Korasi's sword, and then PK's with it. Some Korasi pures go to 80 Attack for Chaotic weapons since they are already at 78 Attack.

Rigour pure: 80+ ranged, 74 prayer, 80+ dungeoneering, 70+ defence, 80+ constitution. These accounts get ranged and prayer in addition to hit +5% higher with ranged, this is a great advantage at 99 ranged.

Cannon Range Pure: 1 Attack, 1 Strength, 1 Defence, 1 Prayer, 1 Magic, 99 Range, 10 Constitution. This type of pure is very costly to train. They get a huge advantage when at 60 range when they can use a Dark bow with dragon arrows. Good training spots are hill giants - pick up their bones for prayer or selling, and rock crabs.

Hybrid Pure: A pure which gains Strength/Range/Mage to use all three attacks together to pk, even if they are praying against them it is very effective.

Rushing Pure: 75 Attack, 99 Strength, 65 Defence, 95 Prayer, 94 Magic, 1 Range, 80-90 Constitution, 1 Summoning. Theses accounts pk using multi-combo attacks to take out their opponent as fast as possible. Using turmoil with vengeance. They use Multi-combo attacks, Like rushing opponents with the dragon claws special, then pulling out any godsword (because the godswords attack is faster after any weapon special) Then pulling out a Saradomin sword because of their fast attack speed for a 2 hander sword. In total the pure will hit 11 attacks within a 10 sec. period. Their higher defence is used for Bandos Armour. They seek to have the highest strength bonus possible. Their combat levels are between 109 and 111.

Anti Pure [EOC]: 99 Attack, 1 Strength, 99 Defence, 1/52/99 Prayer, 1/50 Magic, 1/50 Range, 99 Constitution, 1/88/99 Summoning. These accounts make use of the defence abilities to mitigate or negate damage. Using resonance they absorb high-hitting special attacks. Rejuvenate to rapidly regenerate health. Barricade to negate damage to eat or use potions. Reflect to reduce and return some fast hitting attacks to the opponent. Revenge to increase damage and make up for the low hits. Preparation to reduce the cooldown of resonance. Debilitate to and immortality to reduce damage while the latter also revives the player with 40% of their life points. This build is very expensive and requires tier 90 gear to be effective such as drygores (and potentially a noxious scythe or Zaros godsword switch), malevolent kiteshield and armour, razorback gauntlets, steadfast boots, reefwalker's cape blood amulet of fury/brawler's blood amulet, deathtouch bracelet and leviathan ring. They seek to have a high strength bonus while also using opponents damage for their advantage to make up for their relatively low but consistent hits. With the right setup, they can devastate most if not all pures below their levels and some up to near maxed combat levels. Their main weakness is the binds and stuns from magic and ranged based opponents but with the deathtouch bracelet, anticipation, freedom and transfigure this threat can be reduced greatly. Fast hitting legacy special attacks are also a potential problem, but can be mitigated by using siphon at the beginning of the fight to reduce their special attack bar. Also making use of deathtouch bracelet (for the chance to reflect some damage), reflect (same as deathtouch) and debilitate(to reduce damage taken.) Barricade is rarely used by the anti pure as the other ultimates are more useful in most pvp situations.

Commonly suppressed skills

The most frequently suppressed skills combat pures keep as low as possible in order to minimize their combat level are Defence, Prayer, and Constitution. The debates on whether it is wise to forgo the benefits of each and all of these skills are as old as the concept of pures itself. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference for each player, keeping in mind that the "purer" they are in this offensive sense, the faster PvP combat will become and the higher the chance is, that fights will end with a kill rather than flight (for good or for bad). Here are a few considerations along those lines. It is worth mentioning that only the most radical pures insist on keeping all of the above skills at their extreme minimum once above a certain level, and will gain Constitution experience while fighting other players.


Defence is by far the most commonly suppressed skill for pures, both in the past and present. Due to the effectiveness of Defence being reduced due to EoC, it remains the most popular skill to suppress, though one loses access to certain defensive abilities.

In the past, some pures choose certain levels (i.e. 10, 20, 40, 42, or 45) Defence to gain access to certain stat-boosting equipment while having much more offensive power compared to main accounts of the same level. The Rune Pure (which kept Defence at 40), for example, had nearly the same strength bonus as a maxed account with 99 Defence, while the 20 Defence pure has Corrupt Ancient Warriors' equipment, which is stronger than Barrows equipment (70 Defence).

In order to avoid training Defence, turn off defence experience in the combat settings tab of the menu and avoid doing quests that give Defence experience.

Advantages of having high Defence

  • If your Defence level is high, you will not have to buy as much food in both PvP and PvM situations. There is also a better chance of surviving if you are attacked by multiple players in a multi-combat zone.
  • Defence grants access to very helpful abilities like Anticipation and Freedom. Without access to those abilities, it's very easy to get stun-locked by another player, resulting in a quick death without a chance to even heal or teleport.
  • The higher the skill, the higher the chance of not getting hit—due to the skill itself, the higher effect of the armour you are wearing and the capability to wear better armour (with better Defence bonuses).
  • The accumulated Defence bonus of good armour is by far greater than equipment bonuses for offensive skills. To profit from this given fact one must have a substantial Defence. Ironically, Defence has a much lower level gain (1/4 for every level) than Attack, which gains 1/3 for every level. This is the main reason many pures decide to keep a low Attack level and use Ranged to attack mains.
  • The capability to wear armour with better other statistic bonuses. However, 40 Defence pures have a Strength bonus of only nine less than a 99 Defence account (from Dragon Boots, Bandos Tassets, Berserker helm and the Dragonfire shield), however many agree that Rune defenders and Rune/rock climbing boots are far more logical to use in unsafe PvP.

Disadvantages of having high Defence

Being a Defence pure mainly has two big cons. These are that if you have low offensive stats, it will be harder to level up (getting less XP per average hit), which makes creating a high-levelled Defence pure take a lot of time. Also, if you have low offensive stats as a Defence pure, it is harder to win a fight, as you will hit very low on your opponent, while the opponent might have methods like using a Ring of recoil or Vengeance, Verac's armour or another method that could hit through Defence.


Many players believe that offensive pures with minimal Defence have a factual advantage over balanced players of the same combat level due to game mechanics (i.e. the formulas that determine who gets hit how often and how hard, etc.). The general success of such pures in low and mid level PvP seems to endorse this theory. However, the precise game mechanics regarding Attack and Defence are unknown. Some players believe that the success of offensive pures is solely due to the factors mentioned above and have little to do with combat Attack/Defence mechanics, arguing that the fact that armour generally gives a good deal more Defence bonus than weapons of the same material give Attack bonuses suggests that balanced players should have a slight edge, profiting from the larger bonus. Some even believe than their success merely ostensible, hyped by the fact that most players are more quickly impressed by an unusually high hit than by someone blocking five attacks in a row. Pures are also generally secondary accounts, so they are often placed against lower levelled, and hence less experienced players - who are less likely to be experienced in PvP situations. This may give the impression of greater combat mechanics.

However, despite the fact that a player with no defence should lose in a fight to a balanced player, in practice, pures are generally more effective than a balanced counterpart. There are numerous reasons for this, some of which are:

  • In a fight which involves food, a pure character is better able to "combo", or hit high for multiple hits in a row. This prevents the opponent from being able to fight back, as they must eat constantly to stay alive.
  • Since pure players generally have high Attack, the effects of armour and defence is less significant for the balanced player, compared to when fighting another balanced player. For example, a player in the mid-50s who has 50 Attack, 50 Strength, and 40 Defence will be facing pures with 50-70 attack, and generally 80+ Range and magic, which greatly reduces the abilities of their armour. While they will still hit well on the pure players, they will be very vulnerable themselves.


The problem pures have with Prayer is similar to the one they have with Defence: at low levels the skill does not seem much good because the prayers are fairly ineffective and the prayer points run out too fast, and at higher levels it affects the combat level too much for their liking. Prayer is also prone to being drained by hostile spells and effects in P2P. Despite these issues, it may be worth considering to raise Prayer up to certain levels even for pures. Prayer contributes to the combat level at a lower rate than Defence or Constitution, and it has a few advantages. It generally can be said that the Prayer skill becomes more effective the faster combat becomes, which is quite accommodating for offence pures. As defensive armour is fairly ineffective at Defence level 1, many pures wear cheap, although effective Prayer boosting equipment such as Monk's robes. Remember that Mystic Might does NOT increase Magic damage, and only increase magical accuracy and some magical defence.

Odd Prayer levels do not increase your level in combat any more than even prayer levels do.

Low-level Prayer

  • At level 11, Warriors can use Burst of Strength, Mystic Will, and Sharp Eye. This is the minimum prayer level gained for a player to be allowed access to the Ancients Magicks.
  • At level 13, Warriors can pray Superhuman Strength, which adds 10% to Strength. Although not as strong as Ultimate Strength, it has only half the drain rate, draining 10 Prayer points every 6 seconds. Raising Prayer to level 13 adds 1-2 combat levels, the prayer lasts for 78 seconds at level 13 with no further Prayer bonuses or potions. This is a common choice for Pay-to-play pures, as they believe that Ancient Magicks and the strength boost are worth the extra prayer levels.
  • At level 25, players can use the Protect Item prayer which lets them keep an extra item on death, this means if skulled you get to keep 1 item.
  • At level 31, players have the benefits of accessing the Edgeville Monastery. Also at this level, Warriors can pray Ultimate Strength. Although the +15% Strength prayers has a fairly high drain rate (10 Prayer points every 3 seconds), it is often useful for the kill at end-phase combat, and it can effectively turn Prayer potions into stackable Strength potions. Raising Prayer to level 31 adds 3-4 combat levels, the prayer lasts for 93 seconds at level 31 with no further Prayer bonuses or potions. This prayer provides the highest damage boost for pures lower than Level 28 Defence, and has become more popular with the greater number of 1 Defence pures in PvP.
  • At levels 37, 40 and 43 players gain the Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles and Protect from Melee prayers, respectively. The Protection prayers are the most commonly used prayers, both inside and outside of PvP. They prevent 40% of the damage of the given type when dealt from other players (100% when dealt from monsters). Training Prayer to level 43 to use these prayers is a popular choice amongst pures to compensate for lack of Defence. Protection prayers are often frowned upon because player killers tend to think it drags out the fun; many will run if confronted with this. Protection prayers can be countered by using multiple different attack styles.
  • At level 44, Archers can utilise Eagle Eye, which adds 15% to Ranged (including Ranged Strength). Similar considerations apply to this prayer as to Ultimate Strength. Raising Prayer to level 45 (see notes below) adds 5-6 combat levels, the prayer lasts for 135 seconds at level 45 with no further Prayer bonuses or potions. Mystic Might can also be used.

High-level Prayer

  • At level 50, maxed 60 attack pures can obtain the Barrelchest anchor, and have the highest prayer level possible for a maxed 60 attack, level 82 pure without levelling combat to 83.
  • At level 52, players can use Smite, which takes away 1/4 of the damage you deal from the opponent's Prayer. Smite is still often used by Hybrids, as it often causes panic in the player under attack. It can also be deadly to players with low prayer levels.
  • At level 65, players can use Rapid Renewal, a very useful prayer for pures. Combined with a Regen bracelet (the best hand item for people with lower than 13 Defence), Rapid Renewal will restore 100 Life Points per minute, very useful for survival. Some pures who accidentally got prayer experience from exorcising spirits during Dungeoneering may choose this level.
  • At level 74, players can use Rigour, the strongest Ranged boost prayer. it increases Ranged accuracy by 20% and Defence by 25%. some pures who accidentally/intentionally got prayer experience from exorcising spirits during Dungeoneering will choose this level. this prayer may also be very useful as a ranged based tank/hybrid with high defence.
  • At level 77, players can use Augury, the strongest Magic boost prayer. It increases Magic accuracy by 20% and Magical Defence by 25%. This is the highest level prayer that Pures with level 1 Defence can use. Some pures who accidentally/intentionally got prayer experience from exorcising spirits during Dungeoneering will choose this level. Just like Rigour, this prayer may also be very use as a magic based tank/hybrid with high defence.
  • At level 95, players can use Turmoil, which provides bonuses greater than that of Piety. However, This requires a Defence level of 28 (gained entirely from quest experience rewards).


Constitution influences combat level at the same rate Defence does. It is probably the most controversial skill amongst combat pures. Some believe it should be kept as low as possible, lured by the extreme cleavages that are possible between combat level and offensive abilities. Others believe it should be raised as high as possible (preferably level 99), arguing that Constitution is the only defensive skill that an offence pure really needs. Others again believe it should be about average for the given combat level, arguing that higher levels are of little gain, because you usually carry well over 2500 Life Points' worth of food with you, but also arguing that having less Constitution makes no sense: there is no point in having a high max hit that will reduce your opponent's Life Points by a large percentage if his/her average max hit will reduce your low Life Points by the same percentage. If the pure's constitution is too low (e.g. 20 or less) a decent hit from another player could possibly kill the pure without giving him/her the chance even to eat. Others again believe it is best somewhere above the average for the given combat level, which is where it usually ends out, anyway. They argue that it is the comparatively low Constitution level of "balanced" players (see below) that make pures so effective against them in the first place. Such players often consider their own max hit as a guidelines, reflecting on what level of Constitution would be best against themselves.

In any case, trying to control where your constitution level ends out can make combat training extremely tedious. Due to the fact that you gain 4 Constitution experience every 30 points of damage you deal, no matter which combat style you are using (except in the case if you are using a Dwarf Cannon), when training Attack, Strength, Defence or Ranged by normal means, your Constitution will automatically be at most twelve (more often eleven) levels behind the highest of those skills (e.g. if you train your Strength to level 80, your Constitution will be at least 68—probably more, because you will probably want to train Attack as well). Therefore, pures that have a particularly high level in one of the above combat skills usually have over-average Constitution levels, because of the exponential experience curve (e.g. training one of the above skills to level 80 gains over 26 times more constitution experience than training two of the above to level 40).

However, there are methods to gain experience in the above skills without training Constitution, although at higher levels this becomes highly impractical, especially in F2P. Members can play Soul Wars and trade Zeal points for experience. Note that fighting during the mini-game will gain Constitution experience. Members can also play Penguin Hide and Seek and trade Penguin points for experience, and Pest Control, although this requires combat level 40. To avoid as much Constitution gain as possible in Pest Control, you can rebuild smashed barricades and doors, and try to avoid fighting the Pests. Certain quests reward experience, although one may have to be careful not to do quests that reward experience of unwanted skills. For both F2P and P2P warriors, the Vampyre Slayer Quest rewards 4825 Attack experience. After completing any quests that reward experience, this is the only way for F2P players to raise Attack, Strength, Defence or Ranged without raising Constitution. It would take over 15,000 genie lamps to level a skill from level 1 to 99.

Training Magic with combat spells also raises Constitution. This can be avoided by training with Alchemy, teleportation, Curses and other non-combat spells.

Melee pures

These pures will mostly focus on having high Strength, medium Attack and low Defence. This way, their combat level will remain low.

They normally have either 1 attack, 40 attack, 45 attack, or 50 or 60 attack (P2P). However, some have 75 attack for Godswords, 80 attack for Chaotic weapons, or 5-30 attack for steel to adamant weapons, or they will have 20 attack to use Corrupt weapons.

Magic pures

These pures will mostly focus on having high Magic, and low other combat stats. This way, their combat level will remain low.

Ranged pures

These pures will mostly focus on having high Ranged, and low other combat stats. This way, their combat level will remain low.

Defence pures

These pures will mostly focus on having high Defence, and low other combat stats. This way, their combat level will remain low.


These pures will mostly focus on having 2 or 3 high combat skills, and low other combat skills. This way, their combat level will remain low, and they will be able to change style and keep hitting quite high.

Combat triangle

The combat triangle means that Magic hits high on Melee, melee hits high on ranged and ranged hits high on magic. Also, it works the other way for most cases, as ranged has high magic defence, melee has high ranged defence, but only magic doesn't have high melee defence, but is able to bind/freeze melee, and the melee won't be able to attack the mage.

Variations of hybrids

There are multiple variations of hybrids. These are listed here.

Maxed account types

These are only selected account types and stats, as there are many other different accounts that have different stats.

Obsidian Mauler Initiate Pure Tank Ranger
Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 99
Prayer 31 Summoning 99
Attack 1 73.5 73
Strength 99
Ranged 65 83.25 83
Magic 65 83.25 83
Combat level
Defence 20 Constitution 99
Prayer 77 Summoning 99
Attack 60 103 103
Strength 99
Ranged 99 115.75 115
Magic 99 115.75 115
Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 99
Prayer 92 Summoning 99
Attack 1 73.75 73
Strength 1
Ranged 99 137.5 137
Magic 99 137.5 137
Rune Pure Piety Barrows PKer Turmoil Adamant Pure
Combat level
Defence 50 Constitution 99
Prayer 95 Summoning 99
Attack 60 112.75 112
Strength 99
Ranged 99 125.5 125
Magic 99 125.5 125
Combat level
Defence 70 Constitution 99
Prayer 70 Summoning 99
Attack 70 118 118
Strength 99
Ranged 99 127.5 127
Magic 99 127.5 127
Combat level
Defence 40 Constitution 99
Prayer 95 Summoning 99
Attack 60 110.25 110
Strength 99
Ranged 99 123 123
Magic 99 123 123
Prayerless F2P Hybrid Pure Void Ranger Obsidian Tank
Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 99
Prayer 1 Summoning 1
Attack 40 70 70
Strength 99
Ranged 99 89.25 89
Magic 99 89.25 89
Combat level
Defence 42 Constitution 99
Prayer 44 Summoning 99
Attack 78 101 101
Strength 70
Ranged 99 117.25 117
Magic 99 117.25 117
Combat level
Defence 40 Constitution 99
Prayer 52 Summoning 1
Attack 1 73.75 73
Strength 99
Ranged 65 83.5 83
Magic 65 83.5 83
Berserker Pure 1 Defence Pure Summoning Tank
Combat level
Defence 45 Constitution 99
Prayer 95 Summoning 99
Attack 60 111.5 111
Strength 99
Ranged 99 124.25 124
Magic 99 124.25 124
Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 99
Prayer 52 Summoning 99
Attack 60 95.25 95
Strength 99
Ranged 99 108 108
Magic 99 108 108
Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 99
Prayer 37 Summoning 99
Attack 1 66.75 66
Strength 1
Ranged 1 66.75 66
Magic 1 66.75 66
Granite Tank Dragonfire Shield Melee-Based Tank Whip Melee-Based Tank
Combat level
Defence 55 Constitution 99
Prayer 92 Summoning 99
Attack 78 110.25 110
Strength 70
Ranged 99 126.5 126
Magic 99 126.5 126
Combat level
Defence 75 Constitution 99
Prayer 95 Summoning 99
Attack 80 125.5 125
Strength 99
Ranged 99 131.75 131
Magic 99 131.75 131
Combat level
Defence 90 Constitution 99
Prayer 70 Summoning 99
Attack 70 123 123
Strength 99
Ranged 99 132.5 132
Magic 99 132.5 132
10 Hper Blood Pure Corrupt Pure
Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 10
Prayer 99 Summoning 99
Attack 99 116 116
Strength 99
Ranged 99 116 116
Magic 99 116 116
Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 10
Prayer 1 Summoning 1
Attack 99 67 67
Strength 99
Ranged 99 67 67
Magic 99 67 67
Combat level
Defence 60 Constitution 99
Prayer 31 Summoning 99
Attack 20 94.25 94
Strength 99
Ranged 75 104.5 104
Magic 75 104.5 104
Maxed Divine Ranger Prayerless Chaotic Tank Rune Ranger
Combat level
Defence 75 Constitution 99
Prayer 99 Summoning 99
Attack 78 116 116
Strength 70
Ranged 99 132.25 132
Magic 99 132.25 132
Combat level
Defence 80 Constitution 99
Prayer 1 Summoning 99
Attack 78 105 105
Strength 70
Ranged 99 121.25 121
Magic 99 121.25 121
Combat level
Defence 50 Constitution 99
Prayer 44 Summoning 99
Attack 78 103 103
Strength 70
Ranged 99 119.25 119
Magic 99 119.25 119
Hand Cannon Pure F2P Gravite Hybrid Prayerless F2P Gravite Hybrid
Combat level
Defence 27 Constitution 99
Prayer 45 Summoning 99
Attack 78 97.25 97
Strength 70
Ranged 99 113.5 113
Magic 99 113.5 113
Combat level
Defence 40 Constitution 99
Prayer 45 Summoning 1
Attack 45 87 87
Strength 99
Ranged 99 104.5 104
Magic 99 104.5 104
Combat level
Defence 40 Constitution 99
Prayer 1 Summoning 1
Attack 45 81.5 81
Strength 99
Ranged 99 99 99
Magic 99 99 99
Maxed Anti Pure Anti Pure Divine Anti Pure
Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 99
Prayer 99 Summoning 99
Attack 99 106.5 106
Strength 1
Ranged 50 106.5 106
Magic 50 106.5 106
Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 99
Prayer 1 Summoning 1
Attack 99 82 82
Strength 1
Ranged 50 82 82
Magic 50 82 82
Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 99
Prayer 52 Summoning 88
Attack 99 99.5 99
Strength 1
Ranged 50 99.5 99
Magic 50 99.5 99


Two or more similar pures that have similar names are sometimes called twins. Twins may player-kill with each other. Similar named accounts may cause confusion for another group of pkers that these twins are attacking, while the twins can synchronise their efforts on one target at a time. A very useful way to kill while twinning was for each twin to get a weapon that is very useful while pking, preferably fast ones with strong special attacks. Items such as the Dragon dagger, Dark bow and Dragon claws normally worked. Some twins also prefer to just wear away at the selected opponent by using ranged or magic attacks while they are almost unable to defend themselves from the constant attacks coming their way.

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