Combat triangle

In this image, each fighter is attacking the one weaker than it and being attacked with its own weakness

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The Combat triangle is a game mechanic put in place to balance out the different combat styles in PvP combat. Each combat class is given an advantage against an opposing class, while receiving a disadvantage against the other. The triangle tends to focus mostly on the effectiveness of armour.

While the triangle offers a sizeable advantage, it does not guarantee that a class will always beat its weaker class. For example, a maxed warrior can still defeat a lower levelled mage, or an experienced ranger can still kill a new player using melee.

The effect of the triangle is most noticeable when the two players fighting are equal in levels, gear and experience.


Warriors are strong against rangers. Rangers' projectiles can't penetrate metal armour very well, but warriors' blades can cut through leather with ease.


Rangers are strong against mages. Their leather and dragonhide armours absorb the magic spells used by mages. Their arrows easily pierce the soft cloth of mage robes.


Mages are strong against warriors. The metal armour of warriors conducts spells so that the effect of the spells is more potent. Also, freeze/bind spells put warriors at a disadvantage because frozen warriors can't attack mages from a distance.


Using hybrid gear allows you to stand at more than one point on the triangle. To make up for this, hybdrid gear has lower offensive and defensive bonusses and less armor.

RuneScape Combat Triangle Wallpaper

The Dwarves' "blueprint" of the Combat Triangle.

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  • In the top right corner, among the Dwarven script, there are three equations that are used in game to calculate a player's combat level based on whichever combination of statistics results in the highest combat level.
  • In the background of the Dwarf "blueprint", a hexagram can be seen.
  • The Dwarven "blueprint" is a possible reference to Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.
  • Dragonfire is another form of attack, and is not part of the combat triangle. It defies the combat triangle and cannot be blocked with any protection prayer. Using Protect from Magic will only partially help the user.
  • Although summoning familiars usually attack from a corner of the combat triangle the prayer protect from summoning will protect you from their attacks even if multiple familiars are attacking you from multiple sides of the combat triangle.
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