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This article is about the runes. For the book, see Combination runes (book).

A combination rune is any rune that is made by combining two of the basic elemental runes (air, earth, fire, and water runes) at a Runecrafting altar. Combination runes simultaneously count as one of each type of the runes required to make them; a dust rune, for example, counts as both an earth rune and an air rune. Teleport to House, a spell that normally uses one earth rune and one air rune, would instead need only one dust rune.

Combination runes are made by taking pure essence, certain pre-made runes, and a matching talisman to a certain Runecrafting altar. For example, to create steam runes, a player could:

In the process of crafting combination runes, the talisman is consumed. This can make combination runecrafting somewhat expensive as some talismans have fairly high prices (such as water talismans, which are currently priced at 2,528 coins). The Lunar spell Magic Imbue, which requires level 82 Magic, allows players to craft combination runes without need of a talisman. In addition, each rune has only a 50% chance of being successfully created. A binding necklace raises this chance to 100%, although the necklace is destroyed after 15 uses.

Combination runes

Player will notice that it is possible to craft each type of combination rune at two separate altars, however doing so would require inverting the elemental ingredients. Players will receive less experience if they chose to craft at the lower-levelled altars. For example if a player makes mist runes at the air altar they will receive 8 experience for each mist rune made, while crafting at the water altar will give 8.5 experience per mist rune. The following list reviews both the components and exp. rates of the different combination runes. The 'Low-rune' list relates the experience from crafting at the lower-level altar, the 'High-rune' list relates the experience if crafting at the higher-level altar.

Rune level Can replace Exp. from type of altar G.E. price
Low-rune High-rune
Mist rune.png Mist rune 6 Air rune.png & Water rune.png 8.0 8.5 1,163
Dust rune.png Dust rune 10 Air rune.png & Earth rune.png 8.3 9.0 985
Mud rune.png Mud rune 13 Water rune.png & Earth rune.png 9.3 9.5 868
Smoke rune.png Smoke rune 15 Air rune.png & Fire rune.png 8.5 9.5 1,011
Steam rune.png Steam rune 19 Water rune.png & Fire rune.png 9.3 10.0 999
Lava rune.png Lava rune 23 Earth rune.png & Fire rune.png 10.0 10.5 966

Combination staves

As of now, only lava, steam and mud runes have an elemental staff modelled after them: the lava battlestaff, steam battlestaff and the mud battlestaff, respectively. Being battlestaves, each of these also has a Mystic battlestaff version. Since air runes are required for nearly all combat spells, it is unlikely that there will be elemental staves (outside of Daemonheim) that provide both air runes and another elemental rune.

Effective crafting

The highest possible number of combination runes crafted in a single trip is 102. This can be achieved by doing all of the following: