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Always skulled while this item is equipped.
Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Weapon, Armour, Tool
Maximum rank 1

Committed is an Invention perk that causes the player to become skulled at all times while the associated item is equipped. Unequipping the associated item will not remove the skull; the timer will count down as usual. It can be created in weapon, armour, and tool gizmos.

A skull applied by this perk will last for 20 minutes after removing the associated item (as if the player had attacked another player in the Wilderness), unless the item is re-equipped, which will restart the timer and pause it at 20 minutes for as long as the item is equipped. This perk can serve as an alternative to speaking to Mr Ex in Edgeville if players desire a skull for activities such as entering the Bandit Camp or for high risk fights against another player.


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Refined components.png
Refined componentsUncommon01111
Spiked parts.png
Spiked partsCommon01111
Strong components.png
Strong componentsUncommon11111
Heavy components.png
Heavy componentsUncommon11111
Healthy components.png
Healthy componentsUncommon11111
Plated parts.png
Plated partsCommon01111
Stave parts.png
Stave partsCommon01111