For the Familiarisation NPC, see Compost mound (Familiarisation).
Compost mound chathead

The compost mound is a level 28 Summoning familiar. It is summoned using a compost mound pouch, yielding 0.6 Summoning experience. The Compost mound is immune to poison damage.

You cannot store any items in it. It deposits the foraged compost in itself, but you can only extract from that inventory.

Compost mound pouch


A compost mound pouch can be made with 47 spirit shards, a green charm, and a bucket of compost.

Generate compost scroll

Generate Compost

A player activating the scroll.


Generate compost

The Compost Mound's special move is called Generate Compost, and is activated by using a generate compost scroll. It fills a nearby compost bin with compost, with a ~10% chance of creating supercompost.


Using the Compost Mound's special move, a player can train farming by buying buckets from a nearby General Store and filling a nearby compost bin. Each regular compost yields 4.5 experience per bucket or 67.5 experience for the entire compost bin. If you are lucky you get 8.5 experience per supercompost or 127.5 for the entire compost bin. This can be repeated many times while waiting for your crops to grow.

If making pouches in Taverley then compost can be stored with the nearby leprechaun and many pouches can be made quickly.



  • In an update, the compost received more life points totalling 3800 instead of 1400, nearly tripling the amount of compost from 71 to 190.
  • The dialect of the compost mound is much like that of a stereotypical British farmer located in the southwestern region of England.
  • The dialect "Oi've gotta braand new comboine 'aarvester!" is a reference to a lyric from the 1976 hit "Combine Harvester" by "The Wurzels".
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