Concentrated Blast
Concentrated Blast.png
Release date 12 March 2013 (Update)
Members No
Skill Magic
Level 12
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Dual-wielded
Cooldown 5 seconds
Blast your target with beams of concentrated energy 3 times for 2.4 seconds, hitting once every 1.2 seconds. Each beam deals 75% of your active spell's damage and increases by 7% with each beam. Each beam will also increase your next attacks[sic] chance to critical hit by 5% per beam, up to a maximum of 15%. This critical hit bonus also affects each beam of Concentrated Blast. Combo attack.
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Concentrated Blast is a basic Magic channelled ability which requires level 12 Magic to use and can only be used while dual-wielding magic weapons. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds. The beams deal 15-75%, 16.4-82% and 17.8-89% ability damage respectively. Each beam that connects increases your next attack's critical hit chance by 5%, up to 15%. The critical hit bonus affects each strike of Concentrated Blast. Additionally, each beam benefits from the currently accumulated critical hit chance bonus. In PvP, this will not stack with existing critical strike bonuses (the largest bonus will apply).

Allowing every beam to attack requires 3 seconds; 1.2 seconds per hit. Most (non-combo attack) abilities take 1.8 seconds, accounting for the global cooldown. However, another ability can be queued to hit at the same time as the 2nd or 3rd hit of Concentrated Blast.

Thus, in general, over the course of 5.4 seconds, a player can either use

  • all three beams from this ability and one non-combo ability, or
  • the first two beams, and two other non-combo abilities.

The latter is more effective in nearly every possible case.

Put simply, the first two beams of Concentrated Blast are equivalent to a non-combo basic ability that does 157% in damage. This matches[1] the damage of Sonic Wave, albeit with a 10% critical hit chance buff instead of a 6% accuracy buff for the next attack.

As it is a channelled ability, movement will cancel it immediately.

If you deal a critical hit as a result of Concentrated Blast's bonus, the same message as what is used for Biting appears: "You deal a critical strike against your opponent!"

Fury is the equivalent ability in melee.


  • Before the Legacy Mode update, Concentrated Blast would originally deal 100% spell damage per beam and had an increase to critical chance by 5% for each beam in sequence, whereas the 2h-equivalent Sonic Wave only did 120% damage. Cancelling it after the global cooldown effectively made it a 200% damage basic ability; as a result, this made dual-wielding magic more desirable compared to 2h magic.


  1. ^ Concentrated Blast deals damage twice instead of once, and grants a bonus to critical hit chance. Thus, it will hit closer to its average damage more often than Sonic Wave, and slightly higher.
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