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Confusion beasts are encountered during and after A Soul's Bane in the Dungeon of Tolna.

After the quest is finished they are level 63, while during the quest they are level 43. They can poison during the quest and only 1 of them is real at the time, others are hallucinations which players cannot damage, but they can be damaged by poison. Hitting the hallucinations make you earn normal xp like you were damaging them, but you hit 0. They also have a magic attack, in the form of a purple orb fired at the player if the player tries to run away. They disappear after you hit 0 on them 8 times.The Real one stays until you've killed it. They do NOT have any drops. They are somewhat weak to Slash and Dragon weapons. Their section of Tolna's rift has a few range "Safe" areas. Sometimes if you attack the real one it will not die after 7 hits and no damage can be done on it. The way to get around this is going through the doors and attacking a different Beast.

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