Conjuration platform
Conjuration platform
Release date 30 April 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Runespan
Examine Use rune essence, body runes, and mind runes to summon a creature to escort you over the gap.
Conjuration platform icon

A Conjuration platform is a platform found on the middle and top levels of the Runespan and is used to cross between islands. It requires rune essence, a body rune, and a mind rune to use, along with level 25 Runecrafting. Using it will consume 0.9 Runespan points.


Runes will only be consumed when moving between two similarly sized islands, and from a larger island to a smaller one. Moving from a small island to a much larger island consumes no runes, to prevent players from getting stuck on dead end islands.

When using the conjuration platform, the player summons a dragon-like creature to that helps them cross the gap.

RuneSpan Dragon

The summoned dragon.

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