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Constitution cape detail
Constitution cape (t) detail

The Constitution cape (formerly Hitpoints cape) is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Constitution skill. It can be purchased for 99,000 coins alongside the Constitution hood from Surgeon General Tafani at the Duel Arena by players who have achieved level 99 in Constitution. Constitution capes are white, and have a red trim if the player has more than one level 99 skill.

Like all skill capes, the Constitution cape will bring a player's level to 100 temporarily. However, the cape will not heal a player if his or her life points are below 9900 (though if the player is already at 9900 life points, they will begin to recover at the normal rate (or quicker, if using boosts) until they reach 10000 life points). This is to prevent players from abusing the cape to infinitely recover life points. Additionally, the cape will only bring a player's constitution up to level 100 once per minute.

The Constitution cape is widely considered to be the second hardest Cape of Accomplishment to have untrimmed after the Slayer cape, because most players achieve another combat skill to 99 before they get 99 Constitution. A player must have about 95-96 Attack, Strength, Defence and/or Ranged if they wish to have an untrimmed Constitution cape. However, if players play Pest Control or Soul Wars and only spend Pest Control points or Zeal on Constitution experience, they may obtain an untrimmed Constitution cape without the threat of reaching another skill first. Using Dragonkin lamps, penguin points, reward books, and other experience rewards from tasks sets can also be used to get an untrimmed Constitution cape.

The cape has an emote, lasting 4 seconds, which features the player turning into a skeleton. It is one of the few emotes during which the cape itself is not displayed.

Combat Stats
Constitution cape (t) equippedConstitution cape equipped
99 ConstitutionUnknown edit
CombatSwords AllBack slotDefenceArmour33
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses



  • Currently, 240,048 people are able to own this cape (as seen on the highscores).
  • The previous examine text for the Hitpoints cape once said, "The cape worn by the healthiest adventurers."
  • This cape is one of the capes that got an almost completely different emote. Others were the Defence cape, Summoning cape, Thieving cape, and the Attack cape.
  • The untrimmed Constitution cape is a somewhat rare cape, because achieving 99 Constitution usually comes with having a combat skill that is also level 99; therefore few have an untrimmed version.
  • The emote was changed when Hitpoints became Constitution.
  • The boost to Constitution is automatically applied when the cape is equipped. Unequipping then requipping the cape yields the message "Your Skillcape of Constitution can only provide a life point boost once per minute."
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