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This article is about a reward from Temple Trekking. For the reward from Tower of Life quest, see Builder's costume.
Constructor's outfit (female) equipped.png
Constructor's outfit (male) equipped.png

The Constructor's outfit can be obtained from the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame. This outfit requires completion of In Aid of the Myreque to participate in the minigame but The Darkness of Hallowvale must also be completed to get over 300 total levels so it is a requirement for the garb. It is a five-piece set that when worn gives a boost to Construction experience earned. It requires level 44 Construction to wear.

Experience boost

Item XP boost
Constructor's gloves.png Constructor's gloves 1%
Constructor's boots.png Constructor's boots 1%
Constructor's hat.png Constructor's hat 1%
Constructor's trousers.png Constructor's trousers 1%
Constructor's garb.png Constructor's garb 1%
Sub-total 5%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 6%
  • Gloves - Get Pazuzu to level 85
  • Boots - Get Zachory Bragg to level 25
  • Hat - Get the total NPC level to 200
  • Trousers - Get the total NPC level to 300
  • Garb - Get the total NPC level to 400

Players should weigh the costs before attempting to obtain this clothing set. The amount of time it takes to gain the outfit may not be worth the time saved from the extra experience. One should take into account however, that a lot of money can be made from playing Temple Trekking while obtaining the set. However, this is not a concern for players intending to complete all Morytania Tasks, as the 594 total follower level is needed to complete a Morytania Elite Task, and so the entire Constructor outfit will be obtained necessarily.

The boost granted by this outfit does stack with the Sculpting chisel, bringing the total experience boost to 7%.

The experience boost from this outfit also applies to the experience reward from turning long bones and curved bones in to Barlak.

This set may be stored in the Armour case at a Player-owned house.


  • The outfit received, as with all the other experience-boosting sets existing at that point, an increase to the boost it provided, from 2.5% to 5%. This update occurred on 26 September 2012, but went official on 28 September alongside the 4 new experience-boosting sets. As the outfit consists of five parts, the boost has since been increased to 6%.