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Content Development Team is a team of Jagex employees who design and develop content updates. They oversee the development of everything that goes into RuneScape.

Content Developers are generally asked to develop a certain update with a particular goal (for example "a new, low-budget Herblore training method") and are more or less free to fill it in as they please and devise its mechanics, narrative, and gameplay, so long as it remains in accordance with the design. Content Developers code their own content and implement it accordingly.


This is not a definitive list of all content developers, rather those that are notable.


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
N/A Mod Asherz British Senior Technical Developer 2011
N/A Mod Campfire N/A Content Developer
N/A Mod Daze British Lead Content Developer 2009, 2011
Mod Doctor Mod Doctor British Content Developer 2012
N/A Mod Erator N/A Content Developer 2017
N/A Mod Helen British Lead Technical Developer 2013
Mod Hunter Mod Hunter N/A Senior Technical Developer 2011
N/A Mod Kylar N/A Content Developer 2018
N/A Mod Liam British Lead Content Developer, Product Owner 2005
Mod Maylea Mod Maylea French Content Developer 2006
N/A Mod Mohawk British Technical Developer 2014
Mod Nexus Mod Nexus British Technical Developer 2006
Mod Orion Mod Orion British Content Developer 2015[1]
Mod Proto Mod Proto N/A Technology Manager
Mod Ramen Mod Ramen British Content Developer 2013
Mod Raven Mod Raven British Content Developer 2007
Mod Rowley Mod Rowley British Senior Content Developer 2006
N/A Mod Ryan British Content Developer 2013, 2016
Mod Sova Mod Sova N/A Content Developer
Mod Stu Mod Stu British Senior Content Developer 2006[2]
Mod Timbo Mod Timbo N/A Senior Game Designer 2008
N/A Mod Tom British Content Developer
N/A Mod Tomb British Content Developer 2016

Old School RuneScape

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Ash Mod Ash British Principal Content Developer 12 July 2004
Mod Ed Mod Ed N/A Content Developer
Mod Kieren Mod Kieren N/A Senior Content Developer 7 July 2015
N/A Mod Lenny N/A Junior Content Developer 2017 / May 2018


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Andrew Gower Andrew Gower British Founder 2001
Mod Ana Mod Ana N/A Lead Developer 2010
N/A Mod Avatar N/A Content Developer 2011
N/A Mod Chaplain British Graduate Gameplay Programmer 2016
Mod Chris L Mod Chris L N/A Principle Content Developer 2007
Mod Delta Mod Delta N/A Content Developer
N/A Mod Dylan British Content Developer 2004
N/A Mod Edam N/A Senior Game Designer 2009
N/A Mod Edge N/A Technical Developer
N/A Mod Greg N/A Content Developer 2005
N/A Mod Hew N/A Design Team Leader 2008
N/A Mod Ingrid Polish/British Content Developer 2007
N/A Mod James British Senior Game Designer 2003
Mod Jed Mod Jed N/A Junior Content Developer
Mod John A Mod John A British Senior Content Developer 2005
Mod Krista Mod Krista British Scrum Master 2010
Mod Liono Mod Liono N/A Senior Content Developer 2008
N/A Mod Maz British RuneScape Training and Developer Lead 13 September 2005
N/A Mod Michelle N/A Web Editor 2009
Mod Nancy Mod Nancy N/A Lead Technical Developer 2006
N/A Mod Newmatic British Content Developer 2006
Mod Ollo Mod Ollo British Content Developer 2013
Mod Rathe Mod Rathe N/A Content Developer 2005
Mod Reach Mod Reach N/A Content Developer
N/A Mod Trick N/A Content Developer 2008
Mod Tytn Mod Tytn N/A Lead Developer 2002
Mod Wilson Mod Wilson N/A Senior Content Developer 2005
Paul Gower Paul Gower English Co-founder 2001


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Roderick Mod Roderick British Senior Content Developer 2007

The following content developers have less information available.


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