Cook-o-matic 25
Cook-o-matic 25.png
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members No
Quest Cook's Assistant
Location Lumbridge Castle
Examine Ideal for cooking on.

The Cook-o-matic 25 is the range in the Lumbridge castle. It requires completion of the Cook's Assistant quest in order for players to use it. Players with a low level in Cooking can find the Cook-o-matic 25 useful, as cooking on it provides a lower burn rate for low-levelled foods. Foods which benefit from the decreased burn rate are listed in the cook-o-matic manual.

The nearest banks to the Cook-o-matic 25 are the bank at the top of Lumbridge castle, and the Culinaromancer's chest in the cellar of Lumbridge castle.


  • In 2003, an update resulted in a glitch with the range in which players could cook two items at once. If the player only had one of that item, it would be duplicated. Players could also use a non-food item, and it would show as if the player was "cooking" it.
  • Foods that benefit from decreased burn rate are as follows: bread, redberry and meat pies, stew, meat, chicken and turkey, crayfish, shrimps, anchovies, sardine, herring, trout, pike, salmon, and cake.
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