Cooked sweetcorn detail

Cooked sweetcorn is a food item, made by cooking sweetcorn at level 28 Cooking. Cooking it gives 104 Cooking experience. When eaten, it restores 10% of the total life points (rounded up). The value of one cooked sweetcorn in Mobilising Armies is 2 Investment Credits.

Cooked sweetcorn offers good value for the number of life points healed, although desert sole heals more and often cost less.

Cooked sweetcorn can be mixed with Chopped tuna at level 67 Cooking, to make tuna and corn. This mixture heals 1340 life points when eaten, and can also be added to a baked potato with butter at level 68 Cooking. This makes a tuna potato, which heals a maximum of 2125 life points.


Cooked sweetcorn Cooked sweetcorn
Cooking-Make-X GE icon
104 XP-51
Cooking Cooking level28
P2P icon Members onlyYes


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