Cooked undead meat detail

Cooked undead meat is a food item made via the Cooking skill. Players can only make it by cooking Raw undead beef on a range or a fire.

Interestingly, this differs from ordinary cooked meat, which may be made by cooking raw beef (from a cow), raw bear meat, raw yak meat or raw rat meat. Since undead versions of bears, yaks, and giant rats do not seem to exist in RuneScape, undead cows are the only source of undead cooked meat.

When eaten it heals 200 life points. Despite appearances, it is a perfectly safe food item. Undead cows can be found just east of the Port Phasmatys farming patch, west of the Ectofuntus.

Contrary to popular belief, eating cooked undead meat does not drain Prayer points. This confusion is likely due to the undead cows' close proximity with leeches, which can drain a random skill by 1 or 10 prayer points with each attack.

Cooked undead meat
Cooking level 1
Cooking XP 30
Burn level Unknown edit
Utensils None
Ingredients Raw undead beef
Range only No
Use raw undead beef with a fire or range.


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