Copernicus Glyph chathead

Copernicus Glyph is a gnome master sculptor travelling around Gielinor. He is in charge of rebuilding vandalised statues in the God Statues Distraction and Diversion. He requires the player's assistance to decide which statue to build in which region, as he has apparently forgotten. The player's decisions while helping him decide whether they gain Prayer or Slayer experience in addition to their Construction experience.

The statues last for a calendar month, resetting on the 1st.

Dedicating four months to building statues to at least one god and talking to Copernicus will reward the player with a sculpting chisel. The chisel will boost your ability at construction and help you gain experience faster.


Location Locally desired god statue
East of the northern bridge in Northeast Lumbridge Saradomin's Zilyana
East of Mazchna in Canifis Zamorak's Kril Tsutsaroth
Gu'Tanoth, south of the Yanille lodestone Bandos' Graardor
Northern Taverley, next to the stone circle Guthix's Juna
West Prifddinas Seren's Glarial




  • His name is likely a reference to Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • He is the maker of the statues that were stolen by the player during Garden of Tranquillity.
  • Copernicus holds no belief in any of the gods of Gielinor, even as a gnome he does not care much about Guthix. His quote about "Evil winning because good men do nothing." is a reference to Edmund Burke.
  • Copernicus is yet to react to the aftermath of the Battle of Lumbridge, and both during and after the battle, has called it "quiet".
  • Prior to the release of batch two of Prifddinas when attempting to destroy a Sculpting chisel lists Prifddinas as a possible location to reclaim the chisel from Copernicus, even though he was not currently present in the city.
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