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A cornucopia is an object used to store food; it can store a maximum of 1,000 life points worth of food. Food is stored by using the item on the cornucopia (using the cornucopia on the food results in nothing interesting happening). Adding enough food will make a full cornucopia.

One click on the cornucopia will replenish the player's health equivalent to the healing amount of food stored in the item. The cornucopia always completely empties when used to heal, even if the player is only 1 life point away from full health. It cannot be used if the player is already at full health. Players cannot obtain more than one cornucopia at a time. This is a good item for low levels or Ironmen, as it can be held for more food storage, and can be equivalent to using a higher tier food.

Once food is put in a cornucopia, it is impossible to take the food out again. The cornucopia only stores the primary, healing property of food. Secondary properties of food are lost. For example, jangerberries normally heal 200 life points and recover 10 prayer points but when placed in a cornucopia, the prayer recovery effect is lost; the player gains only the healing effect.

Most foods that can heal a variable amount when eaten always heal the maximum amount when placed in a cornucopia. A kebab, however, when placed in a cornucopia adds 10% of the player's total life points (rounded down) to it, which is less than the maximum a kebab can heal.

If a ghast attacks a player and targets a cornucopia with food, the entire cornucopia will become rotten food, not just the contents, and the player will have to retrieve a new one from Diango.

Drop sources

Terrorbirds, seagulls, chickens, chompies, jubblies, and oomlie birds drop cornucopias, though they are very rare drops. They can also be acquired by pickpocketing farmers. The cornucopia will appear in a player's inventory when acquired; it will not be dropped onto the ground.

If lost, another cornucopia can be acquired from Diango in Draynor Village, even if it was originally obtained as a drop or from pickpocketing.

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Angry Turkey71Rare
Chicken1; 3; 1111Very rare
Chompy bird21Very rare
Jubbly bird111Very rare
Seagull11Very rare
Terrorbird421Very rare


  • Expensive spices do not affect how much the cornucopia heals the player.
  • Cornucopias were released during the first Thanksgiving Event in 2008. In the event, a player could receive a cornucopia by finding ten disguised turkeys or by killing wandering Turkeys until one was randomly dropped. Since the end of the event, new ways of obtaining cornucopias have become available.
  • If a player filled a cornucopia before the constitution update of the game, the amount of life points healed remained the same. For example, what would have healed 14 life points before the update (equal to 1400 now) still contained 14 life points after it, and not the equivalent 1400.
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