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The Corporeal Beast (a.k.a. the Corp, Corp Beast, the Beast, and CB) is currently the strongest monster in RuneScape and is considered by many to be the most difficult creature to slay. It was released on 15 September 2008 with the Summer's End quest, and completion of the quest is required to fight it. When it was released, players could stand underneath the Corporeal Beast and not be harmed; in the 15 October 2008 updates Jagex changed this, giving the beast a stomp attack that harms players underneath it. The beast's health meter is three times as long as that of players and almost all other NPCs.

The monster has a maximum melee hit of 51 and a maximum Magic hit of 65. It resides in a multicombat area, so it can be fought in teams. It has very high defence and hitpoint levels, making it extremely hard to solo. For the first year of its release, no player had successfully killed the Beast by themselves without abusing a glitch (such as the 9 June 2009 game engine update glitch which prevented the Beast from retaliating). However, a successful solo was made on 20 September 2009, by Woox16.[1]

Gravestones cannot be obtained within the area. However, players have exactly 2 minutes to return to the cave and pick up their lost items if they die. The fastest returning method is having a death spawn at Soul Wars, getting a super energy potion, teleporting to Clan Wars and running north-west. A grave will appear as usual, however, for players who die outside in the passageway.

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Beast attacks

The beast's attacks are:

  1. A semi-transparent ball of energy propelled at a player, which is a magic-based attack. This will deal ~55 damage without prayer and will drain a player's Magic, Prayer or Summoning level by a small amount. If the attack tries to drain a stat that is already at zero, the attack will instead drain HP.
  2. A more powerful spiky blast of energy, which is also magic-based. This can deal up to 65 damage, even through the Protect from Magic prayer.
  3. An attack that looks like a flying claw. This targets a location on the ground, rather than a player. If players move out of the way before it lands, the first Claw will not deal any damage. Once this lands, however, it will fire off four smaller Claws. These attacks will deal up to 30 damage individually; this is slightly reduced by Protect from Magic.
  4. The beast also has a single-target melee attack which hits up to 51. It can be blocked completely by Protect from Melee, although using this prayer makes the other attacks more dangerous. It will only use this attack when standing next to the target player. This move used to be avoidable by standing underneath the Beast until it targets another player, but is no longer effective because of the beast's stomp attack.
  5. The beast will sometimes summon a Dark Energy Core. It is level 75, and has 25 Hitpoints. Even with its low Defence and Hitpoints, it may be difficult to kill as it can only be damaged some of the time. The Stranger plant special move and Emerald bolts (e) will help to freeze it for a long period of time, and it will cause damage at 1/100 the normal speed. The Dark Energy Core jumps around the room, hurting all players standing within one square of it for 6 to 12 Hitpoints rapidly; about every half second. Any damage this deals also heals the Beast. However, continually avoiding the Core will not help a team, because the Core cannot be attacked while it is jumping after a player. The best thing for players to do is just to kill it. They should not worry about the beast healing; these healed hitpoints will be quickly depleted if the player has a good team.
  6. The beast was given a stomp attack that damages players standing underneath it. This attack cannot be blocked by Protect from Melee, and deals up to 51 damage. Players can run out of his range of stomping so that they cannot be attacked, but this is hard to do. Vengeance is not activated by this attack.

Its attacks will always follow through to the area outside the passage if already discharged, even when players leave. However, if the beast kills you outside the main area, you will be granted a grave stone upon death.

Killing tactics

The efficient method

Efficient teams use 6-8 players equipped with spears and armour with high magic defence. Vesta's longsword and Verac's flail are not recommended as only spears and bolts can hit over 25 damage on the Beast. Players on the team should also carry a ranged weapon but only use it to poison the Dark Energy Core. The Beast should be killed as it spawns to maximize kills per hour and luring should be avoided. In some cases, if a player attempts to bank after only a few spawn kills he or she will be kicked from the team so players should avoid using foods such as monkfish. While the Beast is attacking a player that player should use deflect melee and turmoil. Otherwise players should use soul split or deflect magic and turmoil.

Using overloads, turmoil, Saradomin brews, and super restores a 6-8 player team can average over 20 kills per hour.

Though this is a fine method with a large team, people with fairly good teams of 4-8 should lure the beast to either side of the entrance. The lurer then stands outside while the rest of the team surrounds the beast making it unable to move around. If there is one ranger they stand in the beast's one blindspot around the last corner from the entrance. They attack the beast until it turns to them, then they stand in the safespot. The rest of the team should use black dragonhide and helm of neitiznot as well as the Ardougne Cloak 3. This enables them to have good magic defense with minimum loss if they die. The cape is used for teleporting to the Ardougne monastary to recharge prayer between kills. All of the meleers should use Zamorakian spears for the stab offense and rangers should use ruby bolts (e). Meleers protect melee at all times and turn on piety or turmoil, rangers protect magic and use eagles eye. High level meleers who wish to risk it can use soul split when the beast is not attacking them. With this set-up you can do maximum damage to the beast as well as forcing him to turn to attack each player in much the same way as when killing the King Black Dragon effectively. Each player should use stat boosting potions and meleers should bring a magic short bow with rune arrows equiped to deal with the dark core without moving.

Starting off

  • It's best to have a somewhat large team (8-25) using a mixture of melee and ranged. Magic is not recommended because it is ineffective, and players may have their magic drained during the fight. The only magic recommended is vengeance spells
  • Once your team is assembled outside the Corporeal Beast's lair, peek inside to see if any teams are already there.
  • If you are using LootShare, check now to make sure that everyone has turned it on, and the settings are how you want them.
  • If you are using Lunar Spells, cast Vengeance. Heal Other may be useful.
  • Drink any potions, Protect from Magic helps a lot against the magic splash attack. Deflect Magic works better, however. It still can hit 65s, but that's rare.

Note: It is best that you do not bring Summoning Familiars due to the fact that the beast may devour their souls to gain more health.

The strategy

The strategy that most teams use is called the West Method. Players gather outside the entrance to the lair, where the beast cannot attack them. Using Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic, one player enters and lures the beast near the entrance, and then all players go in and attack. The player who lured the Beast quickly exits the cave, taking

File:Spirit 1920x1200.jpg

The Corporeal Beast.

with him the attention of the Beast. Once the Corporeal Beast has its attention on the player outside the entrance, the team will run out when they get targeted, to avoid heavy damage.

The fight

  • Once inside, spread out. The Claw attack will hit an area around where it lands, so spreading out will make this attack hit fewer people.
  • Warriors should form a ring around the beast, while rangers or mages should scatter, staying fairly close to the entrance.
  • The key to survival is knowing that the beast has targeted you, and run out of the cave before it can deal damage. However, if the entire team runs out of the cave, the beast will heal completely—regardless of how much damage it has already taken.
  • If massing, rangers should hug the north wall, as the beast will rarely attack them there.
  • In conjunction with Deflect Magic, the ancient curse Turmoil would be extremely helpful.

What to bring


Recommended weapons are:

Stab weapons

  1. Leaf-bladed sword *
  2. Dragon halberd
  3. Dragon longsword *
  4. Dragon spear**
  5. Guthan's warspear
  6. Verac's flail
  7. Vesta's longsword *
  8. Vesta's spear
  9. Zamorakian spear**
  10. Staff of light

Note: * = Can be used with a shield slot, such as a Rune defender, further increasing stats.

Note: ** = Has a stunning special attack, which can useful when killing the dark core.

  • Pros: No risk of losing ammunition if you die; very effective. Staff of Light has a special attack that can cut damage in half
  • Cons: The risk of dying is higher. The Claw attack is more likely to damage players who are using melee, as they are closer to the Beast and so have less time to avoid the first and then split attacks.

Ruby bolts (e)

Because the Corporeal Beast has 2,000 Hitpoints, in theory Ruby bolts (e) would be capable of hitting a 400. However, the Corporeal Beast can only receive 100 damage maximum from the special.

  • Pros: Ability to attack from a distance; hits up to 100.
  • Cons: The risk of losing much more money (for the bolts) upon death, the beast often attacks you when the special of the bolt occurs.


The Corporeal Beast is one of the few bosses that the Dwarf Multicannon can be used against. Teams should have 2–3 cannons, if possible, to minimize the chance of death.

  • Pros: Easily takes care of killing the Dark Energy Core when it appears, which greatly improves a team's chances of success. It will not be lost on death if it has been set up.
  • Cons: Cannon is somewhat inaccurate against the beast itself and also needs to be continually reloaded, plus the cannon could decay if the owner isn't paying attention.


Since the possibility of death is high, it is best to bring only what you need to fight, and little more. It is good advice to bring only offensive items, as the Beast's Attack is so high that wearing armour almost makes no difference. The only armours that noticeably affect how much damage you receive are the Elysian and Divine spirit shields, as they are the only shields in the game that actually reduce damage, rather than prevent it. But for those extremely confident players in large, advanced teams, skill capes of Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged, or Hitpoints would be helpful, as skill capes enable the wearer to have a skill 100/99 And it's a good idea to bring a soul wars cape for the good prayer bonus.


Rangers are advised to bring:

Recommended Ranged level: 75+


Warriors are advised to bring:


The rest of the inventory can be filled with:


  • The Vengeance spell deals large amounts of damage and will not miss, but it is hard to make sure the spell is active for the whole team. Use Vengeance Other if a player does not have 94 Magic, but make sure you have Vengeance activated.
  • Be cautious and stay away from the beast if bringing Summoning familiars, as the Beast will devour them after a set time period.
  • Warning: Always confirm the Items Kept on Death before entering. It is very probable that you will die, regardless of circumstances. Use of quick-prayers for Deflect Magic and Protect Item is recommended. After receiving an item from LootShare, recheck your Items Kept on Death. Gaining a Mystic Robe piece, Dragon longsword or other items might cause those to be kept over something else you might want to keep.
  • A Ring of Life or Phoenix necklace may be used to prevent death. However, this will only help sometimes as the Beast can easily hit more than 10%/20% of any player's hitpoints. It is also recommended that you have a necklace or amulet for replacing(If you used a Phoenix Necklace).
  • If standing directly under the beast, the Retribution prayer will not activate.


Unique drops

A sigil is dropped approximatly once in every 450 kills, with 40% being Spectral, 30% being Arcane, 20% being Divine, and 10% being Elysian.[2] [3]It is interesting to note that holy elixirs are 3 times rarer than spirit shields and sigils are 3 times rarer than holy elixirs.


Corporeal Beast/Charm log

Weapons, armour and ammo

Essence and runes


Ores, bars, gems, and jewellery




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  • During the 9 June 2009 game engine update glitch, players could solo the Corporeal Beast because it would not retaliate in any way. The only users banned were the ones who revealed their names in posted videos.
  • When entering the cave of the Corporeal Beast, the Wilderness level will go to 107 for a split second.
  • The Corporeal Beast is featured in the RuneScape trailer when visiting the website for the first time, under the caption "Slay the mightiest of foes."
  • The Corporeal Beast, so far, has the most hitpoints among all of the NPCs in RuneScape. Also, at the time of its release, it was the only creature to have an extra-long hp bar.
  • Corporeal means material; tangible; physical. It is the antonym of "ethereal," which means spiritual in form. Hence when the Spirit Beast was killed in the spirit realm, and the spirit and normal (or ethereal and corporeal) worlds are antonymous, the Corporeal Beast was born in the corporeal realm.
  • The Corporeal Beast is immune to dragonfire blasts from the Dragonfire shield and resulting attempts will hit 0 damage.
  • Strangely The Corporeal Beast does not have the max hit being the highest level monster in the game, Tz-Tok-Jad is capable of hitting much higher and with the release of the quest Nomad's Requiem, Nomad has an attack with a max hit based on your HP level.
  • While being the strongest monster, it is NOT the hardest to beat because it can be piled by lots of high leveled players at once, yet it is the hardest monster to solo known to date as it take's a lot of concentration and a VERY high level.
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