For the deceased NPC, see Asleif.

Corpse of woman detail

Corpse of woman is an item that is briefly used during the quest, Mountain Daughter. It is actually the corpse of Hamal the Chieftain's daughter, Asleif. It is found in the Kendal's lair located near the Mountain Camp. During the quest the player must show the 14-year-old corpse to the Chieftain, to confirm Asleif's death. The player must then bury the skeleton at the small island in the lake.

The item has a bury option, but it may not be used until the player is on the small island. If you try to bury the corpse, a message will read, "You'd better bring this back to the chieftain instead."

If you try to get two of these, a message will yield, "This must be someone else's corpse, you already have Asleif's corpse."

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