Corruption Shot
Corruption Shot
Release date 13 July 2015 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Ranged
Level 70
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Ranged
Cooldown 15 seconds
Applies a damage-over-time effect to the target, dealing 100-300% weapon damage over 6 seconds. This damage will spread to unaffected enemies targetting you.
Corruption Shot
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Corruption Shot is a Ranged ability, unlockable through Raids from either the untradeable Corruption Shot Ability Codex, or the tradeable Mazcab ability codex.

The first hit of Corruption Shot deals anywhere from 33–100% ability damage. Each subsequent hit will deal less damage, decreasing by 20% of the initial hit. For example, if the initial hit is 1080, the 5 bleeds will be: 1080–864–648–432–216. This means that the ability does 100-300% weapon damage over 5 hits. In player-versus-monster situations, each hit will spread to all adjacent targets in a 2 square radius; in player-versus-player, hits will only spread to other players actively in combat with the caster, and only in multi-combat areas.

Like most other damage-over-time abilities, the damage of this ability is not increased by:

  • damage-boosting prayers/curses,
  • additional damage applied by having boosted levels (i.e. from potions - note that this is a separate damage increase to the raw increase from having a higher level),
  • damage increasing abilities like Berserk,
  • all variants of Void Knight equipment,
  • the black mask and all slayer helm variants.

In all situations, each bleed will hit every target for the same base damage; e.g. if the initial hit on a target A is 1080, the first hit when it spreads to a target B will be 864; the next hit on B will be 648. B will take 4 hits in total. This is true in player-versus-player situations as well; however, hits may differ between targets because of damage reduction from armour and defence levels. The corruption can never spread back to a target that already had it.

Corruption Shot shares its cooldown timer with Corruption Blast. The corruption can be used together with other bleeds without overriding their effects, including Corruption Blast. If the corruption spreads to a monster that is not in combat, they will endure a bleed without targeting the player who used it (assuming the monster is unaggressive). The corruption effect cannot spread from a player to a monster, or vice versa.

While the corruption effect does not usually make a non-targeted monster aggressive, some monsters, notably the Automatons found in Guthix's Cave, will begin their countdown timer to use their special attack move. Additionally, monsters with phases. such as Rune dragons can become aggressive if enough health is lost from corruption that they enter the next phase. If a non-aggressive monster spreads its corruption effect to an elite monster of the same kind, the latter does not become aggressive.

Fever spiders will become aggressive if hit by the corruption effect, regardless of if they were the targeted monster.

Freedom can be used to clear the corruption effect; however, it will still have a brief moment to spread. If targets are still adjacent to the player who used freedom when the bleed is cleared, it can spread to applicable targets. If the bleed is cleared before it can spread, the corruption will not move to any other targets.

Wyvern crossbow's poison can be spread by the corruption effect.

The Corruption Shot ability was once able to damage slayer monsters regardless of the Slayer level of the player, which has since been fixed.

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