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This article is about the costume room in general. For a comprehensive list of all items storable in a costume room, see Costume room/List.

A costume room is found in a player-owned house, and is used to store treasure trail rewards, random event items, some types of armour, capes and non-tradeable holiday drops.


Requiring level 42 Construction and 50,000 gold to build, the costume room exists to store armour sets and some clothes, instead of having the items take up space in their banks. The bank rework taster provided players with the ability to access the costume room via the banking interface. If a bank PIN has been set, all furniture requires the PIN to be able to view, add, or remove items. Only the owner of the house may add or remove items from the costume room, though visitors may view the collections. A costume room has one door, and one costume room may be built in a player-owned house.

The costume room cannot be removed unless all items in all pieces of furniture have been removed first. Furniture which store items can only be removed from the room if they are empty. Also, if you wish to re-locate your costume room to another location in your home, you may do so by simply trying to build another costume room (in the location you wish for it to be moved). You will be prompted with a message asking if you would like to move your current costume room to that location. It will charge you the original cost of a costume room to re-locate it.

All items can be made as a flatpack. Thus, a better piece of storage furniture that requires a Construction level greater than the player's level to build can be bought from the Grand Exchange or from other players. Players can then build (install) the flatpack version of the furniture in their house even though they do not have the required level needed to create the furniture from raw materials.

Treasure chest

A mahogany treasure chest.

Treasure chests are used to store Treasure trail rewards, either bought or discovered by players themselves. However only certain rewards may be stored, and in most cases, a complete set is required.

Image Type Level Materials required Details Flatpack GE price
Oak treasure chest icon.png Oak treasure chest 48 2 oak planks Rewards* from Low-level trails 15 coins (update)
Teak treasure chest icon.png Teak treasure chest 66 2 teak planks Rewards* from Low- and Mid-level trails 84 coins (update)
Mahogany treasure chest icon.png Mahogany treasure chest 84 2 mahogany planks All rewards* for Treasure trails 192 coins (update)
For a list of all storable rewards, see Treasure chest (Construction) .

Armour case

Main article: Armour case

A mahogany armour case.

Armour cases can be used to store certain armours, provided that a complete set has been obtained.

Image Type Level Materials required Details Flatpack GE price
Oak armour case icon.png Oak armour case 46 3 oak planks 2 sets of armour 14 coins (update)
Teak armour case icon.png Teak armour case 64 3 teak planks 4 sets of armour 22 coins (update)
Mahogany armour case icon.png Mahogany armour case 82 3 mahogany planks All armours of this type 529 coins (update)

Magic wardrobe

Main article: Magic wardrobe

A Marble magic wardrobe.

Magic wardrobes can be used to store certain magic armours, provided that a complete set has been obtained.

Image Type Level Materials required Details Flatpack GE Price
Oak magic wardrobe icon.png Oak magic wardrobe 42 4 oak planks 1 set of armour 49 coins (update)
Carved oak magic wardrobe icon.png Carved oak magic wardrobe 51 6 oak planks 2 sets of armour 16 coins (update)
Teak magic wardrobe icon.png Teak magic wardrobe 60 4 teak planks 3 sets of armour 19 coins (update)
Carved teak magic wardrobe icon.png Carved teak magic wardrobe 69 6 teak planks 4 sets of armour 85 coins (update)
Mahogany magic wardrobe icon.png Mahogany magic wardrobe 78 4 mahogany planks 5 sets of armour 331 coins (update)
Gilded magic wardrobe icon.png Gilded magic wardrobe 87 4 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf 6 sets of armour 20,744 coins (update)
Marble magic wardrobe icon.png Marble magic wardrobe 96 1 marble block All armours of this type 150,135 coins (update)

Cape rack

Main article: Cape rack

A Magical cape rack.

Cape racks can be used to hang capes, including Capes of Accomplishment and Capes of Distinction. Both the cape and the hood section must be hung on the rack.

When examined, it says: A cape rack for you to hang your capes on.

Image Type Level Materials required Details Flatpack GE Price
Oak cape rack icon.png Oak cape rack 54 4 oak planks All capes, except Capes of Accomplishment 19 coins (update)
Teak cape rack icon.png Teak cape rack 63 4 teak planks All capes, plus one Cape of Accomplishment 28 coins (update)
Mahogany cape rack icon.png Mahogany cape rack 72 4 mahogany planks All capes, plus five Capes of Accomplishment 276 coins (update)
Gilded cape rack icon.png Gilded cape rack 81 4 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf All capes, plus ten Capes of Accomplishment 102,909 coins (update)
Marble cape rack icon.png Marble cape rack 90 1 marble block All capes 298,370 coins (update)
Magical cape rack icon.png Magical cape rack 99 1 magic stone All capes 980,946 coins (update)

Toy box

Main article: Toy box

A mahogany toy box.

Toy boxes are used to store Holiday rewards. These are usually obtained during festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. However, certain tradeable items such as partyhats cannot be stored in these toy boxes.

Image Type Level Materials required Flatpack GE price
Oak toy box icon.png Oak toy box 50 2 oak planks 15 coins (update)
Teak toy box icon.png Teak toy box 68 2 teak planks 28 coins (update)
Mahogany toy box icon.png Mahogany toy box 86 2 mahogany planks 184 coins (update)
There is no known distinction between the toy boxes.
All toys can be stored in any of the boxes.

Costume box

Main article: Costume box

A mahogany fancy dress box.

Costume boxes (or Fancy dress boxes) are used to store various cosmetic outfits including rewards from certain random events and certain quest items. However, to store these costumes and fancy dresses, a complete set needs to be obtained. Random event sets are obtained by completing the random events several times or by buying them in the fancy dress shop in Varrock.

Image Type Level Materials required Details Flatpack GE price
Oak fancy dress box icon.png Oak costume box 44 2 oak planks Stores 2 types of costumes 24 coins (update)
Teak fancy dress box icon.png Teak costume box 62 2 teak planks Stores 4 types of costumes 51 coins (update)
Mahogany fancy dress box icon.png Mahogany fancy dress box 80 2 mahogany planks Stores all types of costumes 333 coins (update)

Complete costume room

To build all the highest-level pieces of furniture will take 9 mahogany planks, 1 marble block and 1 magic stone. This has a total cost of 1,302,008 coins.


Many players used to utilize the costume room as a "hack-insurance" - something to fall back on if their account was hijacked temporarily and their items stolen. Assuming that the interlopers did not check the costume room (and the Miscellania and Etceteria kingdom management treasury), the player may have had something to fall back on even after their bank was emptied. However, after the bank rework taster the costume room is accessible from the banking interface.