Count Check chathead

Count Check is a vampyre and account security expert located in the Stronghold of Security. During Account Security Week, he is located in Burthorpe.

He now checks the security of your account, awarding the player with a small XP lamp if the RuneScape Authenticator and a Bank PIN has been set up; if not, Count Check will give the player advice on how to set those security measures.

The player may ask Count Check to count for them, prompting him to recite four tips for account security.

2016 event

During Customer Support Week 2016 (3 October through 9 October) he gave players a special clue scroll each day. Completing each scroll provided two rewards, one which everyone can open and one which can only be opened if you have an Authenticator and a bank PIN set.

During Customer Support Week he also hosted The Drop: Customer Support Edition. Players were able to take part in The Drop every 30 mins. If the player answered all 12 of the questions correctly they obtained large XP lamps, unlocked the title [Name] the Knowledgeable, and were entered into a prize raffle.

He also had a minor role in the 2016 Thanksgiving event. When Turkey Tomb was spied, Count Check believed the player was speaking to him, but was rudely informed that they were after the turkey.

2017 events

During Customer Support Week 2017 (15 May to 22 May) he was located north of the Lumbridge Crater and only checked to see if players had secure accounts, giving out yet another small XP lamp for having both the Authenticator and a bank PIN set.

He moved to the Lumbridge lodestone from 2 October 2017 until 9 October 2017, where he was the host of The Drop: Customer Support Edition. He also gave out special clue scrolls daily.

2018 events

During Account Security Week 2018 (9 July to 15 July) he is located in Burthorpe, giving out yet another small XP lamp for having both a bank PIN and the RuneScape Authenticator set, and also giving daily clue scrolls.




  • Count Check's name is a play on "Account check".
  • When asked to count, he says "free" instead of "three" to indicate that the authenticator is free to set up.
  • Count Check is likely a reference to Count von Count, one of the Muppet characters on Sesame Street. They both have a vampire appearance and count through numbers in a similar style.
  • Count Check breaks the fourth wall by mentioning real life things such as email, accounts, and passwords in dialogue.
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