Easter Bunny chathead
Courier only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Courier chathead

The Courier was an NPC involved with the 2010 Easter event. Players must deliver three packages filled with different Easter treats and supplies to three different Couriers around Free-to-play RuneScape, one of which is the Courier. He is found in Falador centre, just next to the general store.

When you talk to him and you ask him what he's delivering he tells you that Easter isn't always celebrated with Easter eggs, and that it is a diverse holiday. He says he is delivering sweetbread ("Folar da Pascoa"), as well as other holiday foods. He talks about (the other things he has in the package and things he will do later) fish-eating (Lent), winged bells "In other places these bells deliver the Easter eggs instead of the Easter bunny" (France), "far-off lands light bonfires to celebrate the holiday, I have some special firelighting packs in here" (Europe), "Lastly I some decorated sticks...palmpaas; the're painted items covered with paper flags, eggshells, figs, and other things- a special Easter gift" (Dutch-Palm Sunday Event?).

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