Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, camel) detail

The cramulet is an amulet made by the player during Do No Evil by combining the monkeyspeak amulet with the ghostspeak amulet. It allows the player to speak to the dead monkey during the quest, which otherwise is impossible as the player would need to wear both the monkeyspeak and ghostspeak amulets at the same time.

After the quest, the cramulet can also be combined with the catspeak amulet or catspeak amulet (e), allowing the player to speak with cats and locate Bob, and the camulet, allowing the player to speak with camels, teleport to Enakhra's Temple when rubbed, and use its check-charge ability. With each new amulet combined in the cramulet, an extra gem is added.

The cramulet can be dismantled into its separate amulets by a right-click option and can also be re-assembled by using the amulets on one another. It is recommended that players be very careful to avoid losing the cramulet. Although a new one can be assembled, its monkeyspeak amulet component is particularly time-consuming to regain.

The cramulet cannot be used with a Keepsake key.

It is not possible to add the cabbagespeak or crocspeak amulets to the cramulet.


There are six different versions of the cramulet.

Version Components
Cramulet (monkey, ghost) Cramulet (monkey, ghost) Monkeyspeak and Ghostspeak amulet
Cramulet (monkey, ghost, camel) Cramulet (monkey, ghost, camel) Monkeyspeak, Ghostspeak amulet, and Camulet
Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat) Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat) Monkeyspeak, Ghostspeak, and Catspeak amulet
Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, camel) Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, camel) Monkeyspeak, Ghostspeak, Catspeak amulet, and Camulet
Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, enchanted) Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, enchanted) Monkeyspeak, Ghostspeak, and Catspeak amulet (e)
Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, camel, enchanted) Cramulet (monkey, ghost, cat, camel, enchanted) Monkeyspeak, Ghostspeak, Catspeak amulet (e), and Camulet


  • It's possible to make multiple cramulets by collecting each amulet individually. Dropping the ghostspeak at Father Urhney in the Lumbridge Swamp and saying that the amulet was lost will give you a 2nd amulet (or 3rd, and so on) The same goes with the camulet, and the monkeyspeak amulet. The catspeak amulet now works like the others. Dropping all cramulets and catspeak amulets will allow you to obtain a new one from the Sphinx and then pick the old ones up from the ground.
  • The cramulet retains all its camulet charges for teleportation. All camulets also keep their original charge.
  • Before their removal, there existed a glitch at the Rat Pits minigame where the Cramulet, when upgraded with the catspeak amulet, did not allow the player to change their cat's strategy.
  • The name Cramulet is a portmanteau of the verb to cram and amulet.