Release date 23 September 2001 (Update)
Sea Southern Sea
Kingdom(s) None
Members No
No. of banks None
No. of altars None
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation None
Guilds None
Music The Shadow
Inhabitants Lesser demons, skeletons, giants, hobgoblins, king scorpions, and Elvarg the dragon.
Demonym Crandorian
Crandor map (map).png

Crandor is a small volcanic island north of Karamja. It is accessed during and after Dragon Slayer, and plays a key role in the quest.


According to the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild, Crandor was once a "thriving community". When players return to him after speaking with Oziach, he goes into a detailed explanation of what transpired:

Thirty years ago, Crandor was a thriving community with a great tradition of mages and adventurers. Many Crandorians even earned the right to be part of the Champions' Guild! One of their adventurers went too far, however. He descended into the volcano in the centre of Crandor and woke the dragon Elvarg. He must have fought valiantly against the dragon because they say that, to this day, she has a scar down her side, but the dragon still won the fight. She emerged and laid waste to the whole of Crandor with her fire breath! Some refugees managed to escape in fishing boats. They landed on the coast, north of Rimmington, and set up camp but the dragon followed them and burned the camp to the ground. Out of all the people of Crandor there were only three survivors: a trio of wizards who used magic to escape. Their names were Thalzar, Lozar and Melzar.

The Guildmaster also mentions that one needs to find a "ship made to the old Crandorian design", which hints that the Crandorians were proficient shipbuilders, considering they needed to navigate reefs.

Furthermore, Duke Horacio also mentions Crandor when the player requests an Anti-dragon shield from him:

Back in my father's day, Crandor was an important city-state. Politically, it was as important as Falador or Varrock and its ships traded with every port. But, one day when I was little, all contact was lost. The trading ships and the diplomatic envoys just stopped coming. I remember my father being very scared. He posted lookouts on the roof to warn if the dragon was approaching. All the city rulers were worried that Elvarg would devastate the entire continent.

In postbag from the hedge, Horacio gives an excerpt from his father's journal, describing the city:

"Raktuber 20, Year 129:

We arrive at Entrana tomorrow, but today we dock at Crandor Island. The two fevered monks were screaming all night with the hangsman's plague, keeping us and the crew awake.

The city of Crandor looks to have been shovelled into the sea by the mountains that surround it; so much of the city teeters on wharfs and piers that stretch out into the ocean. The mainland cove is reserved almost exclusively for Crandor's market sprawl, which is larger even than Varrock's. Here, merchants raise large poles with flags on them to show their location from the sea.

Horacio was with me as we explored, so I neglected to stop and chat with the Asgarnians, Misthalites, gnomes or Fremennik that roamed the market. Brugsen, the Edelweiss's first mate, assured me that jogres and the tribesmen of Karamja were known to trade here occasionally. I was unlucky to see neither.

The crew travelled to the wharfs and the floating groghouses, while we met with a wealthy-looking man - Melzar, I think his name was - and traded gold for a clothsack of herbs. We then shuttled back to the galleon: Horacio was running a temperature, and I feared the plague."


The ruins that cover Crandor are mainly of stone design, although any other materials were likely destroyed in the attack. Structures seem to have included brick walls, tiled floors, and supportive columns. Where the stone was obtained is unknown, although it may be igneous rock from within the volcano.


There are two ways to get to Crandor. The first way is by travelling to Crandor on the Lady Lumbridge during Dragon Slayer. There is also a secret passage connecting Crandor and Karamja Dungeon, south of Elvarg's lair, that must be unlocked from the Crandorian side.


A player fighting a moss giant.

Crandor is home to a wide variety of monsters, each on different parts of the island.

There are ten skeletons on the southern shores, near the crashed ship. Six king scorpions can be found on the northeastern tip, with five hobgoblins to the west of them. Further south on the winding path up the volcano there are three moss giants, and on top of the volcano near the entrance to the dungeon there are a pair of lesser demons.

There is a coordinate clue scroll location on the north side of the island near the King Scorpions.


Crandor also has some rocks in it which players can mine through the Mining skill, which are labelled on the map with a small pickaxe. There are 4 mining areas on the island.

Other than those mentioned, the mine approaches are often infested with level 46 skeletons, level 40 hobgoblins at the northern end, and level 56 king scorpions.

Additionally, the mithril mine on the south-west of the island is a possible crash site for a Shooting Star.


There is also a dungeon underneath the island which connects to Karamja, which is labelled on the map with a red exclamation mark. In it are skeletons, deadly red spiders, lesser demons and Elvarg for the F2P quest Dragon Slayer.


The island plays a vital role in the Dragon Slayer quest, being the location of the fight against Elvarg.

Music unlocked


  • The secret passage that connects Crandor to Musa Point is still accessible even if you forget to open it during the quest.
  • Crandor was once covered in lush foliage, although after a graphical update it was reverted back to an ash-filled terrain.
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