Crash Island
Crash island
Release date 6 December 2004 (Update)
Sea Southern Sea
Kingdom(s) Unknown edit
Members Yes
No. of banks None
No. of altars None
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation Grand Tree Transportation by Waydar and Lumdo from Ape Atoll
Guilds None
Music Marooned
Inhabitants Birds, Gnomes, Snakes and Scorpions
Crash Island map

Crash Island is a small island to the east of Ape Atoll. Players gain access to it during Monkey Madness. There is a dungeon underneath the island, which is used for the sub-quest Freeing King Awowogei in Recipe for Disaster.

All attackable NPCs on this island are aggressive, poisonous, and lack drops. As such, it is an unpopular place to train.

Getting there

There are two ways to get to Crash Island:

Lumdo and Waydar remain on the island after the quest, and they can transport the player to Ape Atoll and Tree Gnome Stronghold, respectively.

Notable features

  • Crash Island Dungeon - located at the centre of the island, containing five poisonous level 64 Big Snakes. The Big Snakes use a poisonous melee attack.




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