Crassian warrior

A crassian warrior.

Crassians are an ancient, aquatic race that resemble a combination between crabs and squids. They inhabit the Ashdale Caves, and reproduce by trapping their victims within an egg where an unknown process occurs, turning their prey into offspring of their own. They were woken up recently by Captain Mulligan and his smugglers, which then lead the crassians to capture Ashdale's citizens. Crassians are not very intelligent beings, and are mainly interested in feeding and reproducing.

They are first encountered during the quest, "A Shadow over Ashdale." They can also be seen in the final boss battle of the quest, "Beneath Cursed Tides".

Hector Vivian at some point manages to gain control over some Crassians, that aid him in fighting the adventurer and Wizard Myrtle during Beneath Cursed Tides.

Captain Rabid Jack controls Zogoth, a zombified Crassian, and as a result, controls some of its minions to a lesser degree.

Crassians can also be encountered in the Uncharted Isles in The Arc.

Known Crassians


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