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Crate of Terrorbird costumes only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Crate of Terrorbird costumes
Crate of Terrorbird costumes
Release date 15 August 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Examine A wooden crate for storing spare Terrorbird costumes.

The Crate of Terrorbird costumes can be found in the northern area of the Summer Beach Party by Doctor Oddenstein. It contains all colour variants of the terrorbird mounts.

Players may take a mount from the crate to participate in terrorbird racing, however only one can be owned at a time, and the mounts are returned to the crate at reset time each day.

If the player wishes to obtain a different coloured mount, the current mount must be destroyed to be able to take a new one from the crate. The mounts are available in the following colours:


  • Previous to 2018 it was Xuan that was standing next to the crate.
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