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This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw crayfish.

Crayfish detailed

Crayfish is a low-level food available to players. Eating crayfish heals 200 life points. Players need level 1 Cooking to cook a raw crayfish, and doing so gives 30 Cooking experience. Players will stop burning this fish at level 30 Cooking on a range or bonfire or level 33 on a fire.


Crayfish are mostly caught at fishing spots wherever a "cage/net" option is available. However, they are exclusively caught in the section of the River Lum found east of the church in Lumbridge, or in Taverley, a bit south-east of the farming patch, where the Taverley River extends.

There is a relatively short distance between the fishing spot and the Cook's range in Lumbridge Castle. Once a player has completed the Cook's Assistant quest, they are able to use the Cook's range which reduces the rate at which food burns when cooking on this special range.

Assuming no burning, each raw crayfish cooked would yield a profit/loss of −368 coins. This is fairly unimportant, however, as it is most effective for new players to fish and cook their own crayfish.

Cooking table

Tools/utensils Crayfish cage
Ingredients Raw crayfish
Cooking level 1
Burn level 34
Cooking experience 30
Range-only No
Instructions Use raw crayfish on a fire or range.
Servings 1


Crayfish were introduced to the game with the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks on 14 July 2008. Although they were not originally featured in the tasks, they were included in the non-set tasks with the Tasks update on 24 November 2010.

Before the introduction of crayfish, the closest low-level fishing spot near Lumbridge was in the Lumbridge Swamps. This spot, however, was far away from a fishing shop, a general store, or monsters good for training. The crayfish fishing spot is conveniently located in an area close to many other low-level features.

There is a tutorial message that states using a crayfish on a range or open flame will give Firemaking experience.

Before the Battle of Lumbridge, they could also be caught in a small pond near Fred the Farmer's house.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gelatinous abomination41Common
Troll chucker11Common
Troll commando51Common
Troll mage commando51Common
Troll ranger commando51Common
Troll shaman11Common
White wolf (Burthorpe)51Common
Troll brute11Uncommon


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  • The image of this fish has changed repeatedly. Between September–October 2009, it changed two times. They started as three small crayfish, were changed to a single small crayfish for about three weeks, then changed to a large one, similar to an upside-down lobster. It also once had a detailed icon of 3 detailed crayfish in the Grand Exchange database.
  • Despite requiring only level 1 Fishing to fish crayfish, it heals the same amount as anchovies, which require level 15 Fishing to fish. This is probably because the latter is supposed to be used as an ingredient in anchovy pizzas.
  • The crayfish used as bait in the Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion are grey instead of brown.