Creation Kiln
Release date 11 November 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Stealing Creation
Examine I can process sacred clay here.

A Creation Kiln is used in the Stealing Creation to process sacred clay, then create all the items in the minigame.

The items created in the creation kiln depend on the class of clay carried by the player using it. For example, with class 3 clay players can make class 3 items, and with class 5 clay players could make class 5 items. The only exceptions are runes and Clay deposit scrolls. They have no class, but the quantity created depend on the quality of the clay. 15 elemental runes, Catalytic runes or 1 clay deposit scroll could be made from one piece of class 1 clay, 30 runes and 2 scrolls from class 2 clay, 45 runes and 3 scrolls from class 3, and so on.

Creation kilns will automatically use the highest class clay you have. If you wish to make a lower class item and you are carrying a higher class clay than clay that you wish to use, you must manually click on that class of clay. Once you have made the item that you wanted to, the clay you are using will automatically switch back. This means that you will have to re-click the lower level type of clay. There is no way to stop this. If you have multiple classes of clay in your inventory it is recommended to use the high level ones first. If you cannot process them, deposit them before working on lower level clay, unless you right click to make batches of them, to avoid tedious clicking.

While playing Stealing Creation many mages get their pockets emptied by people with high Thieving levels. To prevent this from happening, the mages hang around creation kilns. Pickpocketing is impossible near them.

Creation items

Creation kiln interface






  • The sound when a player use a creation kiln is same as when smelting at a furnace.
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