This article is about the pet. For the monster, see crawling hand.
Creeping hand
Creeping hand pet
Creeping hand
Release date 10 February 2009 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Undead
Source Crawling hand corpse at Soul Wars
Interface No
5 Slayer
Food Gloves and Leather gloves
Colour variations 1
Examine Gimme five!
Creeping hand chathead

A creeping hand is a pet that can be purchased for 5 zeal in the Soul Wars minigame or from Stanley Limelight for 60 thaler.

Players need a stuffed or unstuffed crawling hand to purchase one, obtained as a very rare drop from the crawling hand Slayer monster. This imposes an indirect level 5 Slayer requirement on obtaining the pet. A Summoning level of 4 is also required in order to obtain and summon it. The creeping hand eats gloves and leather gloves, and may be stored in the menagerie of a player-owned house.



  • When feeding a creeping hand it will say "Finger food; my favourite." This is a reference to the mounted crawling hand in a POH who will say it eats finger food when asked.
  • Trying to feed the creeping hand anything other than leather gloves or gloves will result in the message "The hand doesn't like the look of that."
  • While following you, the creeping hand may randomly say, "I can't feel my arms!" and "How handy am I?!" This is a clue that he has become more hungry.
  • The line "There's no wrist for the wicked." is a pun on the idiom "There's no rest for the wicked".
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