Creepy doll detail

A creepy doll can be obtained by using Ruined essence on Brother Celerity in Edgeville Monastery as part of the Mod Deg trading sequence.

It may be interacted with to prompt a message saying "You shake the doll briefly. Nothing seems to happen." Interacting with it while near a player causes a message saying "As you manipulate the doll, [player] begins to move strangely." to appear in your chatbox, and the player will perform an emote similar to Puppet Master, with "You feel an unnatural power take control of you!" appearing in their chatbox. Trying to interact with it again soon after causes a message saying "The unusual magic seems to have left the doll. For now.", but in approximately 2 minutes it will revert to its original state and can be used again. You may also logout or enter the lobby to reset the timer.

Using it next to Wizard Chambers will result in dialogue and he will give you Apollo's helmet. Although you will lose the doll, another can be obtained by getting another Expired spin ticket and completing the trading sequence again.

It may also be fed to a baby troll.



  • The doll being given to you in a box, as well as the examine text's mention of the doll having a "tattered dress" and a "ruined eye", are likely references to Jonathan Coulton's song "Creepy Doll".
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