Cresbot (unpoked) detail

The unpoked cresbot is an unlock item for the Cresbot pet. It can be poked to obtain the pet. The cresbot is dropped by any of Cres's automatons.

It is possible to receive two Cresbots in a single kill, if the player is wearing a Mask of the Automatons. Although, this would be exceptionally rare, as the player would have to receive the very rare Cresbot drop on a 10th kill in order to activate the drop-doubling benefit of the mask.

WARNING although it is a very rare collectible, it is ALWAYS lost on death, it is highly recommended to active the pet, or leave the chamber to unlock it before hand, it is lost even from a death reclaim.

Most Wanted card (automatons) will increase the chance of getting the drop.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Automaton Generator84; 1151Very rare
Automaton Guardian84; 1151Very rare
Automaton Tracer84; 1151Very rare
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