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Crush weapons are weapons that deal crush damage. These weapons will deal extra damage to monsters with a specific weakness to crush attacks, and slightly less damage to any monster with any melee weakness. As with all melee weapons, they deal average damage against monsters with a weakness to magic, and poor damage to monsters weak to ranged. Crush has the fewest weapon types devoted to it.

Weapons that deal crush damage are:

Item Slot Cost Members
Bronze mace Bronze mace Main/Off-hand 614 / 181 (off-hand) F2P icon
Iron mace Iron mace Main/Off-hand 1,454 / 280 (off-hand) F2P icon
Steel mace Steel mace Main/Off-hand 993 / 446 (off-hand) F2P icon
Black mace Black mace Main/Off-hand 3,612 / 2,997 (off-hand) F2P icon
White mace White mace Main hand 1,297 P2P icon
Mithril mace Mithril mace Main/Off-hand 1,504 / 1,404 (off-hand) F2P icon
Adamant mace Adamant mace Main/Off-hand 2,758 / 2,646 (off-hand) F2P icon
Rune mace Rune mace Main/Off-hand 7,165 / 7,202 (off-hand) F2P icon
Granite mace Granite mace Main hand 25,060 P2P icon
Dragon mace Dragon mace Main/Off-hand 29,046 / 28,789 (off-hand) / 53,814 (Corrupt) P2P icon / F2P icon (Corrupt)
Akrisae's war mace Akrisae's war mace Two-handed 354,597 P2P icon
Academy mace Academy mace Main hand Free (Combat Academy) F2P icon
Drygore mace Drygore mace Main/Off-hand 11,779,064 / 19,950,750 (off-hand) P2P icon
Bronze warhammer Bronze warhammer Main/Off-hand 290 / 73 (off-hand) F2P icon
Iron warhammer Iron warhammer Main/Off-hand 1,924 / 217 (off-hand) F2P icon
Steel warhammer Steel warhammer Main/Off-hand 1,194 / 620 (off-hand) F2P icon
Black warhammer Black warhammer Main/Off-hand 3,419 / 1,697(off-hand) F2P icon
White warhammer White warhammer Main hand 1,957 P2P icon
Mithril warhammer Mithril warhammer Main/Off-hand 2,203 / 1,659(off-hand) F2P icon
Adamant warhammer Adamant warhammer Main/Off-hand 3,567 / 3,006 (off-hand) F2P icon
Rune warhammer Rune warhammer Main/Off-hand 23,218 / 23,448 (off-hand) F2P icon
Dragon warhammer Dragon warhammer Main/Off-hand 118,595 / 34,965 (off-hand) P2P icon
Statius's warhammer Statius's warhammer Main hand 65,993,113 / 292,555 (Corrupt) P2P icon
Warhammer (class 1) Warhammer (class 1) Main/Off-hand None P2P icon
Warhammer (class 2) Warhammer (class 2) Main/Off-hand None P2P icon
Warhammer (class 3) Warhammer (class 3) Main/Off-hand None P2P icon
Warhammer (class 4) Warhammer (class 4) Main/Off-hand None P2P icon
Warhammer (class 5) Warhammer (class 5) Main/Off-hand None P2P icon
Granite maul Granite maul Two-handed 27,275 P2P icon
Tzhaar-ket-om Tzhaar-ket-om Two-handed 38,892 P2P icon
Chaotic maul Chaotic maul Two-handed Dungeoneering token 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens P2P icon
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe Main hand 1,281 F2P icon
Iron pickaxe Iron pickaxe Main hand 4,560 F2P icon
Steel pickaxe Steel pickaxe Main hand 1,887 F2P icon
Mithril pickaxe Mithril pickaxe Main hand 2,828 F2P icon
Adamant pickaxe Adamant pickaxe Main hand 5,407 F2P icon
Sacred clay pickaxe Sacred clay pickaxe Main hand 20 Stealing Creation reward points P2P icon
Volatile clay pickaxe Volatile clay pickaxe Main hand 20 Stealing Creation reward points P2P icon
Rune pickaxe Rune pickaxe Main hand 22,097 F2P icon
Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe Main hand 1,245,254 P2P icon
Crystal pickaxe Crystal pickaxe Main hand 1,245,254 + Harmonic dust 4000 harmonic dust P2P icon
Fun weapons
Rubber chicken Rubber chicken Main/Off-hand None F2P icon
Magnifying glass Magnifying glass Main hand None F2P icon
Candy cane Candy cane Main hand None F2P icon
Toy kite Toy kite Main hand 100 from Diango F2P icon
Broomstick Broomstick Main hand None F2P icon
Golden hammer Golden hammer Two-handed None F2P icon
Saradomin mjolnir Saradomin mjolnir Two-handed 5,728 P2P icon
Guthix mjolnir Guthix mjolnir Two-handed 3,114 P2P icon
Zamorak mjolnir Zamorak mjolnir Two-handed 166,959 P2P icon
Diamond sceptre Diamond sceptre Off-hand None F2P icon
Gadderhammer Gadderhammer Two-handed 2,540 P2P icon
Tzhaar-ket-em Tzhaar-ket-em Main hand 17,690 P2P icon
Barrelchest anchor Barrelchest anchor Two-handed None P2P icon
Blisterwood polearm Blisterwood polearm Two-handed None P2P icon
Verac's flail Verac's flail Two-handed 362,840 P2P icon
Torag's hammer Torag's hammer Two-handed 370,261 P2P icon
Kyzaj Kyzaj Two-handed None P2P icon
Superior bloodied kyzaj Superior bloodied kyzaj Two-handed None P2P icon
Superior honourable kyzaj Superior honourable kyzaj Two-handed None P2P icon
Saradomin sword Saradomin sword Two-handed 121,085 P2P icon
Annihilation Annihilation Two-handed 26,722,231 P2P icon

In Dungeoneering, the crush weapons are:

Item Slot Members
Novite warhammer Novite warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Bathus warhammer Bathus warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Marmaros warhammer Marmaros warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Kratonite warhammer Kratonite warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Fractite warhammer Fractite warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Zephyrium warhammer Zephyrium warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Argonite warhammer Argonite warhammer Main hand F2P icon
Katagon warhammer Katagon warhammer Main hand P2P icon
Gorgonite warhammer Gorgonite warhammer Main hand P2P icon
Promethium warhammer Promethium warhammer Main hand P2P icon
Primal warhammer Primal warhammer Main hand P2P icon
Novite maul Novite maul Two-handed F2P icon
Bathus maul Bathus maul Two-handed F2P icon
Marmaros maul Marmaros maul Two-handed F2P icon
Kratonite maul Kratonite maul Two-handed F2P icon
Fractite maul Fractite maul Two-handed F2P icon
Zephyrium maul Zephyrium maul Two-handed F2P icon
Argonite maul Argonite maul Two-handed F2P icon
Katagon maul Katagon maul Two-handed P2P icon
Gorgonite maul Gorgonite maul Two-handed P2P icon
Promethium maul Promethium maul Two-handed P2P icon
Primal maul Primal maul Two-handed P2P icon

Best crush accuracy

Slot Item Bonus Cost
Two-handed weapon Annihilation Annihilation 2287 26,722,231
One-handed weapon Drygore mace Drygore mace 2458 11,779,064
Off-hand Off-hand drygore mace Off-hand drygore mace 2458 19,950,750
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