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This article is about the clan. For the leader of the clan, see Lord Crwys.
Crwys Clan.png

A map of the Crwys Clan

The Crwys Clan (pronounced CREW-us) is one of the eight elven clans who were originally brought to Gielinor from Tarddiad by Guthix and Seren in the early First Age. Members of this clan can be found in Prifddinas after Plague's End and also in Lletya shortly after beginning Mourning's End Part I. They are skilled in botanic arts such as Woodcutting and Farming. They are located north east of the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas, off the eastern path.

Features of the clan district

  • Crwys workers to pickpocket at 97 Thieving can be found scattered around the district.
  • The Crwys herald can be found in the Crwys tower, and sells the Clan Crwys cape.
  • An elder tree patch, usable at 90 Farming, can be found in the north eastern part of the district. It is watched over by Sior and Afenen. When farmed for the first time it will unlock the "of the Crwys" title.
  • A spirit tree, watched over by Glouron the gnome can be found to the south east. Talking to Glouron with 89 Farming after completing The Prisoner of Glouphrie unlocks the ability to plant three spirit trees at once and the ability to teleport to the Prifddinas spirit tree. If you plant three spirit trees and then talk to him again, he will give a one time farming XP lamp worth 50,000 XP in Farming.
  • Four magic trees can be found to the east of the Tower of Voices and five yew trees can be found on the platform directly north of it.
  • Lord Crwys and a bank chest can be found on the north western platform, in addition to a number of other features.
  • A greenhouse can be found in the south west, which contains ivy growing on the walls around it.
    • Coeden the ent can also be found in the greenhouse, and runs a farming shop selling seeds and saplings.
  • A bush patch and a herb patch can be found to the north east, watched over by Briallen and Eirlys. A compost bin can also be found nearby. Note that Briallen can not be paid to watch over the herb patch, he only watches the bush patch.

A butterfly found at the Crwys Clan district in Prifddinas.

Known Crwys elves

Crwys symbols concept art.png

  • Lord Crwys (leader)
  • Amaethwr (Lletya fruit tree patch farmer)
  • Teclyn (Lletya fruit tree patch tool elf)
  • Sior (Prifddinas Crwys Elder tree patch farmer)
  • Afenen (Prifddinas Crwys Elder tree patch tool elf)
  • Eifion (Prifddinas Trahaearn wood tree patch farmer)
  • Tiwlip (Prifddinas Trahaearn wood tree patch tool elf)
  • Briallen (Prifddinas Crwys bush patch farmer)
  • Eirlys (Prifddinas Crwys bush and herb patch tool elf)
  • Alfon (Prifddinas Meilyr fruit tree patch farmer)
  • Emlyn (Prifddinas Meilyr fruit tree patch tool elf)
  • Trevelian (Isafdar mushroom patch tool elf)
  • Crwys herald
  • Crwys workers


  • 'Crwys' is Welsh for 'cross'.